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Throne Room of the ECQ

...or Barbara's LJ

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(update 1/2/2013)

Hi, I'm Barbara, the ECQ (Evil Cliffie Queen - a nickname I earned during the posting of Déjà Vu here on LiveJournal) It's a nickname I try to live up to, but I'm not-at-all serious about it. I am in my early 40s, female, and married with a gradeschooler.

Since summer of 2005, I have adored Spider-Man. First the movies, and then the comics. Somehow, in a very short time, I've managed to read hundreds of Spider-Man comics. I've read the first few decades, and the last several years, but I'm still working on the 80s and 90s... Although after JoeQ's One More Day/Brand New Day fiasco, I'll only be reading the books with Mary Jane in them. I loved the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, but couldn't get into the Ultimate Spider-Man, sadly. I did really enjoy The Amazing Spider-Man reboot, against all odds!

Then I started writing Superman. I've always loved the character, starting with the movies in 1978 and 1980 (I never saw the other two, and judging from the reviews, it's probably just as well). Then I avidly followed Lois and Clark the series, watched the DC cartoon, and have seen every episode of Smallville. In 2006, I got involved with Superman Returns fandom. For a while, I wrote a lot of Smallville Clois. I'm tentatively hopeful about Man of Steel based on interviews and the trailer. I guess we'll see!

Of course, most of my new friends know me for either Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Community, Breaking Bad, Ben and Kate and Arrow -- TV fandom is my life now.

My most active fannish activity is as maintainer of community_tv (and the twitter and tumblr mirrors). Come join us if you love NBC's Community! I also moderate the less active breaking_bad and breakingbad_art, as I am obsessed with the show. ♥

So those are my main fandoms, but I'm also involved all sorts of comics, TV and movie fandoms listed in my interests below. And I'm starting to expand my fanfiction to some of my lesser fandoms and enjoying it greatly.

Blanket Permission Statement: You do not need to ask my permission to remix, podfic, translate, archive, create art for or create any secondary fanwork of any fanwork I have posted. Anything you produce in turn should feature a link back to my work and credit me by lj!name, and you should also share the link to your work with me! It will serve two purposes: keep me abreast/informed, and make me really happy. I'd absolutely love to know about it.

Friending Policy: I'm backing away from LJ over the next few months, using LJ mostly for modding and participation in exchanges, challenges, etc. I will leave public posts open, so friending me isn't necessary.

If you really want to follow fic updates, or share fandoms with me, these places are where I'm active now:





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