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Super-Fam Meetup, Post #2

It has been brought to my attention by athenesolon that the 2013 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL is being held June 6-9, not the week of the June 14 Man of Steel premiere, as I hoped.

So if we were to still meetup for the movie on June 14, where should we do that?

Poll #1872263 Super-Fam Meetup Poll

Where do you think we should meet? (Select as many as apply)

Go to Metropolis, IL anyway
Meet Mid-west
Meet South
Meet West
Other (will explain in comments)
I probably can't attend regardless of location

I hope we can narrow something down by the end of 2012. :)

Fall TV 2012!

Is it that time again? Yeah, I think it is. VIEW THE INSANITY OF WHAT I INTEND TO ATTEMPT TOWATCH.

D=DVR or streaming
T=Taste testing (mostly will be "D")

Sleep deprivation may be neededCollapse )

HONESTLY, I have no idea whether that Tuesday schedule is going to happen or not. D: WHY ALL NEW COMEDIES ON TUESDAY, NETWORKS?

What are you all watching this fall?


To My Assignee!

This is a general post for the people assigned to me in tw_holidays and [community profile] grimm_exchange, if you'd like a little more info about my tastes.



Lost AIM access

I just permanently lost access to my AIM account. If you had me on there, and nowhere else, would you let me know, so I can rebuild my contact list?

Thanks. ♥

Amazing Spider-Man thoughts

I'm so glad I got to see the movie on opening day (although I wasn't lucky enough to attend screeners like SOME OF YOU). I didn't really want to be any more biased toward it than I already had been.

In short:
I really liked it!

It is not unproblematic, but when is a superhero movie ever unproblematic, even The Avengers. So don't look to me for well-thought-out meta analysis on what they did right and wrong vis-a-vis the comics or serious issues. I'm not fannishly built that way - I'm looking forward to my friends who ARE built that way to make those posts, to which I will probably respond oh-so-thoughtfully: 'THIS.'

Before my big list of likes/dislikes, let me describe my opinion process:

Reboot? WHY. I may boycott this --> Hmm, Spectacular Spider-Man (the toon) is starting to sell me on Peter/Gwen coming first, and it IS canon --> I write two Peter/Gwen SSM fics and I can multi-ship Peter with either Gwen or MJ --> Emma Stone is in it? As GWEN, not MJ? Her Easy A character is such an MJ, but okay --> After seeing the Social Network, I can see Andrew Garfield's appeal --> COMIC-CON HAPPENS AND ANDREW GARFIELD STEALS MY HEART --> Tumblr gifsets and video clips make me fall for Emma/Andrew --> People at advance screenings being very positive --> Finding out from an f-lister about how the secret!ID plot is handled --> I have to see this opening day!

Now for the not-very-meta, but definitely spoilery, thoughtsCollapse )

What were your thoughts? Link me to your reviews/meta/posts. I didn't come out of the film with any decent plot bunnies, but you may be seeing fic from me this summer...

To the Super-Fam

(most of whom don't hang out here as much anymore, but I'm posting anyway)

Is it time to plan a Man of Steel premiere week meetup for next June? I know some people (me) need about a year's notice to plan trips.

Maybe someone else is already doing this and I missed it?

Anyway, if no one else is planning it already, I guess I volunteer to organize. :) Give me suggestions for a location range, date, time, etc.

All comers, not just the 2007-2008 group, whoever is interested, please comment. Pass it along to those who may have left LJ. I'll try to start PM-ing people who I think might be interested that I don't hear from as well.

Community Fic Battle ficlets

You guys, I posted sixteen ficlets during the Community Fic Battle this past week. I didn't win, or even get them all done, but it was super fun. ♥ I've collated them all at AO3:

Fic Battle Potpourri (7954 words) by faviconhtbthomas
Chapters: 16/16
Fandom: Community, Mad Men, Merlin - Fandom, Doctor Who (2005), Scott Pilgrim, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, Grimm (TV), Pushing Daisies, Spaced, Flight of the Conchords (TV), Blackadder, Spider-Man (Movieverse), Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Annie Edison, Britta Perry, Jeff Winger, Abed Nadir, Troy Barnes, Pierce Hawthorne, Shirley Bennett, Pete Campbell, Trudy Campbell, Eleventh Doctor, Merlin (Merlin), Wallace Wells, June Colburn, James Van Der Beek, Lydia Martin, Charlotte Charles, Tim Bisley, Daisy Steiner, Mel (Conchords), Edmund Blackadder, Baldrick (Blackadder), Chloe (Apartment 23)

A collection of sixteen ficlets written for community_tv's Fic Battle 2012. A mix of Community gen and crossover/fusions with Mad Men, Merlin, Doctor Who, Scott Pilgrim, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, Teen Wolf, Grimm, Pushing Daisies, Spaced, Flight of the Conchords, Black Adder, and Spider-Man.

So you can see there are a ton of characters and a bunch of crossover/fusions. Read and enjoy!

Summer TV Marathon Report, Pt. 2

Okay. So I finished two series since the last report on Teen Wolf: Bob's Burgers and Revenge. I enjoyed both!

Thoughts! Not spoilery, really.Collapse )

So now I'd like to try to watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - but it doesn't appear to be streaming on any of my services. I know it's in syndication, but I really like to watch things in order! Any suggestions?

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