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DV - Ch. 24 Writing Update

Whoa - ho - ho!  Hold the presses!  I actually got some writing done today!  So I am doing a happy little dance here.  

I like Tuesdays.  I have all sorts of cute singing children passing through my room... (no junior high in other words).  It's the only day of the week like that.  On Wednesday and Friday, I have four classes of junior high... In. A. Row.  *wah* Poor me.  You can just tell I love them...

Anyway, here's is your next installment of tease-y goodness.  Pray that I am not hit with 10 chapters to beta from everyone this evening (you're off the hook alamo_girl80, since you sent it before I posted this).


Entering the newsroom this morning with Richard felt like a complete contrast to a few days ago with Clark. That day, she had been certain every eye would be drawn to them, somehow knowing their changed status after their visit to the Fortress. But no one had paid them any attention.
This morning, however, although she wished no one would notice them, it seemed everyone’s gaze was directed on the two of them. Was it the fact that Lois wasn’t striding in, talking animatedly? That Richard wasn’t laughing fondly?   Could every person feel the tension that radiated off them in waves? Maybe not, but it certainly felt like it.
Richard peeled off for his office and Lois walked, eyes down, to her own desk. She was afraid that if she looked up at anyone, her careful façade of calm would crack. She wanted so badly to look at Clark’s desk, to see that goofy wave and bright smile… but she was certain the blaze of love she was now feeling would show too strongly on her face. 
How was she going to handle this? Being so close to him every day and night without being able to show him outwardly how she felt? Lois had never been very demonstrative, the opposite, actually… but having to suppress what she was feeling now was going to be torture!


Of course, I can already imagine the reaction from some of you... *wink*
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