Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

The To-Do List Update!

Okay, so I still have a bunch on my list. Urgh. And I am having a REALLY hard time finding the energy to finish, either as well (even my ability to use corekt ingrish is going).

This is what is left: (as of 9:50pm Monday)

HOUSE-RELATED: (my mom is coming Thursday)
*Bedroom - vacuuming left
*Guest Bath
*Master Bath - did sink, toilet, mirrors
*Downstairs Bath
*Living Room - vacuuming left
(Laundry and Christmas tree finished)

*yuletide fic is done and uploaded! And I'm pretty darn proud of it, too. I hope everyone will read it, even if it isn't your professed fandom. It's slightly disappointing that I can't tell anyone about it until after author reveal on Jan. 1st, though. :(
*Finish 12days_of_clois fic -- now at 610 words, and EEK! Due tomorrow. (Oh my, this one is not going to be my best work...)
*Continue to try not to Think about the five other Dec. ficlets I have to do between now and January

This time, instead of encouragement, I think I need bootie-kicking or promises of chocolate... or something. I dunno what will help...

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