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I know I've been MIA, and here's why...

...I have quite a bit on my to do list, so I'm trying to focus (as hard as that is).

I've seen other people do this, so I'm going to give it a shot, maybe it'll work. To do list for this weekend:

HOUSE-RELATED: (my Mom is coming Thursday)
*Laundry - 1/2 3/4 7/8 DONE!
*Bedroom - vacuuming left
*Master Bath
*Living Room - vacuuming left
*Christmas Tree - Put together, lit, still needs ornaments

SCHOOL-RELATED: (school also gets out Thursday, with two programs between)
*Grade 3 sets of papers
*Enter grades

*Finish yuletide fic
--(6,700 words currently, another 3 scenes to write, maybe 3,000 words?)
--7,330 words, 2 scenes left
--8,130 words, 1 1/2 scenes left
--OMG, done! 8,875 words. foxtwin is going to look it over, then it's off to the betas! *twirls* -- Off to betas, got THREE of five back now. :D
*Begin and hopefully finish 12days_of_clois fic -- which has a plot bunny and even a story banner! -- but not even one word typed
*Try not to Think about the five other Dec. ficlets I have to do between now and January

Encouragement is welcomed, but please no details (not even the fandom) on the oh-so-secret yuletide project from my betas in comments.

When the crazy is over, I promise to come and review the stories I've not reviewed. And other than the one promise I made earlier today, I probably can't accept any beta jobs this weekend, either. Wish me luck!

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