Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Ch. 23 off to the betas

I hope you all have read bistyboo1974's latest chapter at her muggleglum archive! It was lovely. *sigh*

Anyway, it's done. And kind of short. About 1500 words. But some things I had originally planned to put in this one just didn't feel right here. So I'm saving them for the next chapter and following.

Here's a tease:


Lois didn’t know how long she stood there, observing him through the wide windows. Richard sat in profile to her, glancing frequently down the street toward the Daily Planet building. She had parked on the other side of the Starbucks, hoping to get here ahead of Richard, but she had failed. There had been traffic, and she supposed she could have used the ‘Superman Express’ – but she didn’t really feel right doing that… And so now she stood just outside, her feet frozen to the sidewalk…

Come on, Lane, you can do it, she encouraged herself, although she wasn’t completely sure that she could do it. Maybe we could just disappear – who needs passports and papers when you can fly? Jason would enjoy seeing the world…

It was a measure of her nervousness that she was actually having these thoughts at all. Just because she was known as fearless didn’t mean that she didn’t feel fear. She usually ignored it because her insatiable curiosity and need to get the story had always been far stronger.

Richard glanced at his watch, checking for the umpteenth time. It was probably only a few minutes past the time when she said she would meet him, but he had been checking it since she had been standing there… Finally, he glanced in her direction, and she started guiltily. That small movement got her feet going, though. She pushed through the doors with a fresh sense of determination.


ETA: I guess this was all messed up... here's another try!

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