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End of the year meme

Okay, so you know I love my LJ too much when I get all excited about posting this silly end-of-year meme! (Especially when I should be working on yuletide, or 12days_of_clois or the two birthday fics for next week...) Last December, I was all jealous that I didn't have a year's worth of entries yet to use... :D

End of Year Meme: Post the first sentence or two of the first entry for each month in 2007.


January: Aaaaaaaand, after a longer than expected break between chapters, here I am again. I guess my Christmas vacation didn’t provide me as much free time as I had hoped.

February: *kisses to you both for a hilarious evening on the webcam*

March: John stared distractedly out of the window of The Daily Bugle's headquarters, too tired to concentrate.

April: Mary Jane stroked her fingers through Peter’s hair, enjoying the way the thick strands slid through her fingers.

May: So there are gazillions of these pics online... I decided to just use a few.

June: The young man stood there in the rain, staring numbly at the large bouquet of white roses decorating the casket, as if he were fixing this moment in his mind forever.

July: Well, I'm sure a bunch of you will have this all over your friends page today, but I don't want to leave any stone unturned... The voting at supes_mv_awards is now open!

August: Hey, I'm in the middle of writing a very short Spider-Man fic in which Peter Parker is thinking about his developing skills in photography.

September: Guess who got inspired this weekend?

October: Well, I guess I haven't posted anything for a week, and I do have things a-going on, so I'll let you know what's going on in Babs' life this week.

November: This meme was created by brdwaybebe and I promised I'd repost it! :)

December: Lois ran a hand across the back of Clark’s head, snowflakes melting on her fingers.


So, even though it's not part of the meme, here are the stats for this exercise:

Fic or related: 8
Spider-Man: 5
Superman: 4
Personal: 2
Meme: 1

You can probably see why I'll probably never friends-lock this thing...
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