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LJ meme

Stolen from jadeblood:

Number of journal entries: 341
Number of people on your friends list: 159
Person who introduced you to LJ: louisemcgregor and therealmarajade
Still friends with this person: Yes!
How many people have you introduced to LJ: Um, yeah, way too many to list. *hugs them all*
Total LJers met: 3
Five people on LiveJournal that you have known the longest: I think, other than foxtwin, who doesn't really count, it's mark_clark and jenn_1. Then maybe nautica7mk... and anyone else I've known before I made the move here I met through, not LJ.
Anyone on LJ you can't stand: Not really. I've been lucky to avoid a lot of the wank I hear about.
Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet: All y'all.
Ever ban someone from commenting in your journal: Not yet. I did change my anonymous comments to screened the other day.
Number of comments: Posted: 8,937 - Received: 7,175
Biggest pet peeve about LJ: I spend too much time here? ;D It used to be, 'can't edit comments' but not anymore! *twirls*
Do you feel close to most of the people on your friends list: There are about 20 of you that I have the most contact with, and maybe 30 more that I regularly comment on, or vice versa. The rest -- it's just fun to read about your lives and fandoms.
How many journals on LiveJournal do you have: Two. This one and a school-related one.
Communities I currently own/maintain:
Picture on my desktop: Not at my regular computer now... so I'm skipping this one. Not really an LJ question is it?

By the way, everyone - I'm going out of town for Thanksgiving between Wednesday morning and Sunday evening. We are taking the laptop, but no promises about how much I'll be online. So if you have betaing you need done, or fics you want read... or whatever... you may have to remind me when I get back. :)
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