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"All Around My LJ" meme

This meme was created by brdwaybebe and I promised I'd repost it! :)

1. Do you remember how you ended up friending me?

2. Head over to my user icons - which is your favorite?

3. Do we share any user icons?

4. What (thus far) is your favorite single entry of mine? (Name the reason)

5. Do you know me from somewhere other than LJ?

6. If you're here for something other than entries (fics, icons, videos, music, banners, manips etc) - what do you enjoy most?

7. Have you learned anything from me?

8. Do you have a pet fandom you think I should check out?

9. Do you like my mood theme?

10. Will you answer this meme before stealing it and putting it on your LJ?
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