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Superman: Doomsday - who has seen it?

I just watched the movie -- and I found it surprising! I think I expected it to be more in line with the rest of the DCAU TV shows, and it really wasn't, apart from character design.

I know I've seen reviews of it on my f-list, but I can't find the entries anymore, since I didn't want to be spoiled. I can't even remember which of you did the posting! If you did a review/post about it, please link me!

My thoughts:

  • Lois and Superman are in a pretty adult relationship, aren't they? Messy bed, walking around in towels and robes, lingering kisses... and all before she knows for sure that he is Clark! I was a little mollified to see that she suspects pretty strongly. But come on, Clark, you were in a relationship with her for 6 months, and she had to shame your Ma into admitting it... after you were dead?? Tsk. At least I know that in the comics they had been engaged and she knew about everything by the time this happened.

  • Speaking of that, how close was the storyline to the original comics story? I have the files, but I've never gotten around to reading them. I probably will dig them out later, but I bow to the experts on my f-list to inform me. For example: the cloning storyline - was that part of the return? Wasn't that Kon-El's origin? Did they borrow that? Is it even related?

  • And wow, it was rather more violent than I expected, as well. No wonder it was direct to video.

  • I did enjoy it, though. And the only complaint I remember from the f-list was that it was short. I liked the length, actually. Maybe if I knew the backstory better, I would have wanted it more filled out.
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