Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Clois 100 Teaser: Wrinkled

Guess who got inspired this weekend?


Curiosity getting the better of him, Jimmy slid the suitcase out from its hiding place and checked the latches. Unlocked. How like Clark – even five years traveling the world hadn’t changed his faith in his fellow man.

He began to push in the catch, when he suddenly felt eyes on him. He looked up guiltily… but there was no one. Just the Chief’s stern two-dimensional face. “You’d want to know what was in it, too, you old newshound,” Jimmy defended. With a short laugh, he gently lowered the case to its side and lifted the lid.

“Huh,” he breathed out in a surprised huff.

He didn’t know what he expected when he looked inside, but it certainly wasn’t a collection of loosely folded items mixed with a couple of a hastily thrown dress shirts on top of the pile. On further examination, almost every article of clothing, even the ties, was thoroughly… wrinkled.

Clucking his tongue lightly, Jimmy closed the case. What was Clark doing with a suitcase full of clothes that looked like they’d spent the night on a bedroom floor – in the storage closet? It had been a couple weeks since he’d returned to work. Certainly he’d found a place to live?


Hope to post this tomorrow evening if all goes well!

Also did the "What type of nerd meme"... says I'm a Cool Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!
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