Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Ch. 22 Writing Update

Hey, again.  I need to take a brain break.  This chapter is turning out to be very long (so far 2600 words and quite a bit to go), and I don't want to rush it... so I think I'll just surf and read a little... go play with my daughter, too.

Here's a little tease to whet your appetite (dedicated to bistyboo1974 and earlgrayhot):


She suddenly noticed that Clark was still standing there, dripping wet.  Lois gave his plastered bedclothes another languid glance.  His clinging shirt and flannel bottoms were leaving very little to the imagination… Snap out of it, Lane!  Your very curious little boy is standing right here!  “Don’t you need to get out of those?”

Clark blushed shyly at her unintentional double-entendre.  “Well, that towel there is the last clean one… all I have left are dish towels.”  He looked down at his feet.  “I’ll be fine.”

It took every ounce of determination she had to hand the towel she was using back to him.  “Here.  Use this one. It’s still dry enough.”


I hope to finish soon!  But then it goes to the betas, so we're definitely looking at Monday.

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