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Interview Answers

bretzysdude asked me some interview questions as part of the interview meme. Here are my answers! I probably don't have time to come up with any questions for you all this time around, though, so don't worry about passing this one on... :)


1) There was a commercial a while back that says, "There's no wrong way to eat a Reese's". How do you eat a Reese's? If you don't eat Reese's, how do you eat your favorite candy bar?

I love Reese's, they are one of my favorites! I chew around the crenellated edges, then usually eat the chocolate from the top and bottom, and finally the peanut buttery part last.

2) What's the best thing that you love about your daughter?

Her enthusiasm. She throws herself wholeheartedly into everything, whether it be play, learning, music or love.

3) How did you get hooked on superhero comic books? Did someone get you involved with them, or was there a void that you were able to fill on your own?

Okay, you asked for it. I always enjoyed superhero movies and TV growing up (Battle of the Planets, Voltron, Superman I and II, Star Wars [What? Isn't it really that genre at its heart?]) and as an adult, I also got more and more into speculative fiction in all types of media (like Lois and Clark, Babylon 5, fantasy/sci-fi epics). But the final kicker was Spider-Man 2. I loved that movie, and after getting the DVD, I slowly sank deeper and deeper into fantasies of 'what happened next'?

Well, I'd been aware of fanfiction since the days of Lois and Clark (wherein several fans created something called 'The Unaired Fifth Season'), but I'd not read any more of it until the summer of 2005. And I discovered that other people had written stories about 'what happened next' themselves. Yet nothing quite filled the void, until I wrote it myself!

Well, all of that led to more reading. The more I read, the more people I got to know (particularly mark_clark), and the more I realized that I needed to know the source material to become a better writer in the fandom. And learning that J. Michael Straczynski (of Babylon 5 fame) was writing the main Amazing Spider-Man comic was the final straw. I started reading his run of ASM, then slowly added every Spidey book, going to find the earliest issues, got everything in between, and then expanded to related books...

I jumped into DC because of Superman Returns in the spring of 2006, before the movie. So I started with All-Star Superman, then Action Comics... then I've been reading on recs, mostly ones by jen_in_japan and van_el (though he's recced as much Marvel as DC).

Now I am the crack-dealer for all of my friends. Raise your hand, f-list, if I've introduced you to a comic or two... or twenty (winks at jenn_1). :D

4) I'll admit that I'm not a huge diehard fan of the bands that we've discussed here. I mean, I think they're great, and I wish I could've had every album, but I don't, just because they're hard to find nowadays. How did you take a notice of them yourself? Was it through a radio station, magazine, friends, or just saw what was available at the store?

Well, for the benefit of my f-list, I found bretzysdude through searching for other LJ users with "Adam Again" in their interests. Our list of musical interests was more similar than anyone I'd met online so far, more than anyone I've ever known other than my husband and one my best college buddies.

You asked for it, Part Two.

Around 1987, I started to get frustrated with the state of popular music. I liked a lot of "modern rock" artists (as they were calling alternative rock at the time) but there just weren't enough. And I'd heard some Christian music before then, but it was mostly Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith stuff, too mellow for my tastes. Well, I discovered a few bands that I really liked, such as Allies and MWS' album The Big Picture... but then I got The Choir's Diamonds and Rain... Daniel Amos' Darn Floor, Big Bite... Steve Taylor's I Predict 1990. And I knew I'd found what I'd been searching for. About the same time, I started to subscribe to CCM magazine, and the reviews of Brian Q. Newcomb drew me to more and more wonderful music. I never once disagreed with his assessments.

Getting into The Choir and Daniel Amos, I discovered the 77's and Adam Again. Learning they were all friends was a big plus (I like the Lost Dogs albums, but their strong country flavor is a little difficult for me, so it's mostly for nostalgia's sake that I still listen). In college, I expanded my collection even farther, but other than those core four, only a few have become longterm faves (Newsboys, Chris Rice).

And though my favorite band of all time, They Might Be Giants, is not a CCM band - almost everything else I loved is.

5) What do you think is your best story? (Please put up the link).

I'd have a hard time choosing between my Spidey stories, so I won't even try. But probably my most ambitious story is also my best, which will be no surprise to anyone on my f-list: Déjà Vu, my epic sequel to Superman Returns. I won several awards for it this summer, but I think I'll remember it best for being the catalyst for coming to LJ and making the most amazing friends, as well as dragging a good number of my fanfiction friends over here as well.



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Aug. 19th, 2007 12:57 am (UTC)
Brian Q. Newcomb - wonderful! I remember reading his review of the reissue of Vector's "Please Stand By" back in '91, so it was really cool to hear from someone who recommended great music.

Whenever I think of great people who recommended really great people, there are four who come to my mind: Newcomb, the minister at the University of Tulsa Wesley Foundation (who had a Christian rock show Sunday nights at midnight on an AOR station), the lead guitarist of the praise & worship band at OU WF, and KOKF 91FM, the OKC Christian alternative station that was really cool until they were bought out by Air1 a few years ago.

Thanks for the answers! I never saw Superman Returns, but I'll go ahead and read Deja Vu and let you know what I think!

Aug. 19th, 2007 01:54 am (UTC)
Ah, Vector! I'd forgotten all about that group.

I should also say that another writer I almost always agreed with was Lucas W. Hendrickson, whom I had the extreme good fortune of knowing when he was just starting out. He and my husband worked for the college newspaper at Abilene Christian University at the same time. He would sometimes sit by us in chapel and talk because he knew that we (and Brad, the college buddy) were big alt-CCM fans.

Well, I'll warn you, there are some basic facts about the movie that you should know before reading the story. I'd watch it if you can. If not, please comment, and I'll explain whatever you need. Also, it's 100,000 words and 40 chapters! Most people who read it in one go need a couple days. I had it printed as a trade paperback by lulu.com for personal reasons, and it turned out to be 460-ish pages. :)
Aug. 22nd, 2007 09:59 pm (UTC)
Raise your hand, f-list, if I've introduced you to a comic or two... or twenty (winks at jenn_1). :D

*raises hand* Which reminds me, I'm loving SMLMJ! Haven't gotten that far into it yet *is slow* but the artwork is so pretty, and it's well-written, and it's so ... girlie (but without being annoying ;p)! teehee. It's a nice change from the usual stuff. :) And I'm getting a kick out of all the little NY details ... like when Spidey rescues MJ on the 7 train to Queens in the first comic and I was all, "askfddsfijeowiur! I was just going to Queens on the 7 train!!!"

Ahem. ^_____^

Anyway, it was interesting to find out how you got into comics! I think I'd read part of the story on your ff.net profile, but not the whole thing. :)

And the way you eat a Reese's is so creative! I'm very boring and just plow straight through them. *grin*
Aug. 23rd, 2007 01:14 am (UTC)
I LOVE my girlie SMLMJ. The art is beautiful until 16 when the artist changes. But hopefully the new guy will grow on me. I have hope.

That's so cool! I want to ride on Spidey landmarks! (See how I've got that all backwards!)

Yeah, I don't think I've ever published the whole story before of the comics obsession. We all start somewhere, right?
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