Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

bistyboo1974's Clark drabble...

bistyboo1974 created a 100-word drabble for me with the proviso that I post it in my journal.  I asked her to write it based on the above icon (except she imagined him WITHOUT robe and t-shirt).  So here goes:

What a sight to be greeted with first thing in the morning, Lois thought.  

There sat Clark, lounging on the terrace just outside the bedroom, clad only in a pair of wrinkly blue pajama bottoms, his long masculine frame stretched lazily in the chair, the morning edition of the
Planet cast to his side; he was more intent on looking at Lois, still curled up in bed and wearing only his matching pajama top, than at the paper. His jet-black hair was still mussed from sleep – and other nighttime activities – and the smile that curled his mouth assured her that her morning might very well be as satisfying as her evening had been.

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