Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Superman Returns Anniversary Post-A-Thon

Found out about this from brdwaybebe, and it sounds fun!

How does it work? Go to (You will need an account to participate)

1. Fans of Superman all sign onto the website at the same time.
2. They visit the same thread (aka the postathon thread)
3. They ready their DVD player, laptop etc having it paused at the movies beginning.
4. At the prearranged time all fans press play.

From here on out we post, we laugh, we philosophize. It's a blast! We enjoy SR or whatever movie together as a group of friends and basically chill and have a good time.

Ways to prepare:
1. Get some snacks
2. Headsets make for an awesome movie sound experience
3. Wear comfy clothes
4. Go before we leave the station.

Hope to see you there!
Tags: superman

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