Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Impressions Teaser: Part 3: Lois

Our due date has been moved up to Sunday! So this is the last teaser until tomorrow morning, when the first half of the story (parts 1,2,3) will appear!


She allowed herself to be led to the bride’s room, where her sister Lucy, already decked out in her matron of honor dress, was removing the plastic from the wedding gown. Looking at the dress gave her a jolt of unreasoning fear. Get a hold of yourself, Lane! You’ve been married to Clark for a whole frickin’ year! A small voice added, and you know it’s been the best year of your entire life to boot… She grimaced internally at the different voices arguing back and forth inside her head. Why was making the marriage official making her so irritable?

It’s not like anything will really change – except that everyone would think that intrepid reporter Lois Lane had been tamed – Well, who cares what anyone thinks! I can love whoever the hell I want!

But as Lucy held out the dress for Lois to step into, to begin the arduous process of transforming herself into a bride, she caught herself wishing yet again that Clark hadn’t been so damn proper about this whole traditional wedding. He was getting way too much enjoyment out of her discomfiture. And all she wanted to do was wipe that amusement off his face with a kiss that would turn the Man of Steel into the Man of Magma…
Tags: 12 days of clois, teaser

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