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Dead Brown Bunny Drabble-a-thon!

OMG, so this is so cracky, but I just had to do it...

About a week ago, my 4-year-old daughter and bistyboo1974 had this conversation on the phone:

(copied from bisty's LJ):
Ashlyn: I saw a dead bunny. It was brown.
Me: That is so... *thinks hard to come up with the right word* ...funny. *which was SO not the right word*
Ashlyn: You said funny!! Bwahahahahahaha!!

Conversations about dead bunnies typically don't make me laugh, but in this case? I was hysterical!! *still has tears in her eyes*

And then mark_clark made writing a story about a "dead brown bunny" one of the choices on his story poll... so I thought, hey! I have tons of writers on my f-list, from all kinds of fandoms!

So I challenge you -- write me a drabble on any fandom or other situation, real or imagined, that features a dead brown bunny!

And then tell me where you put it. It can be in comments or your LJ, but I'd like to link to it here! Hee. *is a little giddy over the three-day weekend and impending end of school*

And now here's mine:

Fandom: Monk

The tufts of brown fur poked slightly between the wire mesh of the hutch. His fingers twitched briefly to smooth it down… but he pulled them back in revulsion, muttering under his breath.

Natalie tilted her head, a slight smile creasing the corners of her mouth. “Is there something wrong, Mr. Monk?” She held out a fresh evidence bag to him.

A dramatic shudder rippled across his shoulders, and he cut his eyes as if even looking at the dead animal would infect him with its decay. “There isn’t a wipe big enough.”

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