Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

To the Heart of Egypt

Title: To the Heart of Egypt
Author: htbthomas
Category: Movieverse, post Déjà Vu (although it’s not necessary to have read that first)
Destination: Cairo, Egypt
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4200 words
Summary: A disturbing discovery leads Lois and Clark to seek answers in Cairo.
Spoilers: For Superman Returns mainly and Déjà Vu only slightly
Author’s Note: Most of my friends list knows that I spent three years in Japan, but you may not know that I spent the two years before that in Cairo. Most of these scenes come directly from my husband’s and my experiences there. Enjoy!

Thank you to betty brant and mark_clark for betaing, my husband for the idea which sparked this fic, and ancarett for the perfect last-minute banner.

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( To The Heart of Egypt )
Tags: Déjà-verse, fanfiction, superman returns

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