Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Fanfic meme - thanks bisty!

Here, look!  A non-chapter entry to my LJ!  Amazing... But I guess it's still about fanfic.

A fanfic meme borrowed from bistyboo1974

What is your alias? 

htbthomas (obviously) 

How did you choose it? 

It's actually the first part of the first email address/username my husband and I had, over 10 years ago. HT is my husband's initials, B is mine, Thomas, our last name. 

What fandoms do you write for currently? 

Superman Returns and Spider-Man (both comics and movieverse). 

What fandoms have you written for in the past? 

The same two, but Superman Returns is a new one this summer. I don't know when the next Spider-Man idea will come, because Déjà Vu will not be ending any time soon... 

What fics are you currently working on? 

Déjà Vu - Superman Returns. I just finished a Spider-Man fic called The Devil You Don't Know with my co-author, Mark C. 

What is your deepest, darkest fic-writing secret? 

Um.... I often write them when I should be planning lessons... 

Do you have any quirks/ habits in your writing? 

I dream up all my plot lines in bed or on my commute. I work better in silence, even though I am a musician! I must have many eyes going over my work. Some people get discouraged by negative feedback and questions about their plotline: I find that my plot bunnies multiply! 

Do you have an OTP? 

The icon should tell you Peter/MJ is the big one for me. But Clark/Lois is very high as well.


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