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Well, I spent pretty much all day reading my new Spider-Man 3 novelization... and I finished at about 10pm last night. My reaction? (Spoiler-free)


(Did you really expect anything else?)

But OH! The ANGST! The DRAMA! The ACTION! The funny winking comments by Peter David to the comics fans! (stuff no one but the fanboys and fangirls would get). And it was JAM-PACKED with story! I really wonder how they're going to get all of that into the movie. It's definitely going to be interesting to see what's actually there, as opposed to what has been filled out and expanded for the novelization.

But, alas, as a result, there will be no update of Enquiring Minds, part 9 until later. And I skipped Crackville to read. Oh, and if you're waiting for the Super!Beta... (as about 3 of you are!) ...I'll do it tonight or tomorrow. Email me if you have a time-crunch, and I'll try to squeeze it in.

But seriously, ♥

ETA: Oh, and the FINAL TRAILER is now live!! (Cue Barbara slack-jawed and comparing every moment to the book!)
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