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I called every store in the area, and I finally found it in Mason!

The novelization of Spider-Man 3 was supposed to come out on March 27th... but a lot of stores received it early, and were putting it out on the shelf! jenn_1 and I are both now proud owners of the book!!

Thanks, sarah531, for pointing me to the link on the Superhero Hype boards!

Of course, it's now 10:30pm, and I have to go to bed. Let's see how well that works...

ETA for mark_clark: Check this from page 149 (no spoilers, I promise)

A small boy in a Spider-Man costume, noticing that Peter was taking pictures, ran toward him with some sort of large plastic device on his wrist... a lever attached to a canister. The kid pushed the lever and a small gout of what appeared to be Silly String spurted out from it. Peter recognized it for what it was: a homemade web shooter. Peter tried to contemplate what it would be like building a functioning mechanical webshooter if he didn't possess organic spinnerets. He couldn't even begin to imagine how he would make such a thing.

--A wink from PAD to the fanboys. :D
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