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Fandom Appreciation!

I found this at  china_shop's LJ - everyone should do this!  I think there are going to be challenges all week.

Fandom Appreciation Challenge 2007 - Day 1
The Fandom Appreciation Challenge runs for a week, with daily individual challenges. Each day's challenge runs for 24 hours. Do not check the ticky-box until you've completed the challenge. Anyone can play, any fandom. All aboard! \o/

Please pimp this to your flists.

The Fandom Appreciation Challenge is a points-based challenge:

- for each Day Challenge completed within the allotted time, you get 10 points.
- if you don't complete a Day Challenge on time, but you still do it within the Challenge Week, you get 5 points.

The total possible number of points is 70. I'll post a scoreboard when the Challenge is over.

DAY 1: Send feedback on 3 stories that are more than 6 months old.

Go to : to participate!

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