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Would you read these?

Hey guys, I've thinking about doing this a while, so I thought I'd find out if it was even worth it...

When I first started writing fanfiction, it was Spider-Man movieverse, Peter/MJ fiction. It was so fun that it sucked me in... but my writing's come a long way since then. The stories don't suck though, and I know some of you have mentioned being interested enough in them to give them a try. I might also revise some parts of them to make them a little better. Plus, it's only almost 2 months until Spider-Man 3 comes out!!  

Please vote!! If at least 5 people say they'll read it, I probably will post it here.

Poll #934475 Spider-Man fanfiction question

If I posted my Spider-Man movieverse trilogy here, would you read (and review) it?

Yeah, I'll read aything you write!
If it looks interesting enough, I might give it a try...
I like your stuff, but I'm just not into Spider-Man
Whatever you feel like, man...
Where is the sequel to Déjà Vu?!?

*growls* You can't fix misspellings once a poll is posted...
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