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I know I've been quiet this week... when there's no current story being posted, I probably will be. But I have been pretty busy reading, and I was sucked back into the world of Lois and Clark: TNAOS by ksarasara and mrsmosley recently.

Lois and Clark was actually the first fandom I ever read fanfiction for, about 10 years ago (when it was still a listserv), and I have always had a soft spot for it. I was pleased to find out that the writing community is still alive and well!

So if anyone is feeling nostalgic and in the mood for some great reads (in the order I stumbled across them - all summaries mine):

Sara Kraft (ksarasara):
**Wherever You Will Go -- Clark leaves to fight the war on New Krypton, and suddenly H.G. Wells brings alterate-universe Clark to their world to help protect Clark's secret.
**Away from the Sun -- Sequel to WYWG -- Alternate-universe Clark, depressed that he will never have the life he so briefly tasted, discovers that the Lois Lane of his world is indeed alive after all.

CC Aiken:
**Lois Unbuttoned -- Lois has just left Luthor at the altar, and the only person who can help her out of her wedding dress with a gazillion buttons is her jilted friend, Clark.
**Superman Undone -- When Lois thinks that Clark has been shot and killed, Superman tries to prevent her from doing something she'll regret.
**Clark Uncaged -- The follow up to the first two in the "Un" series.
**When the World Finds Out -- After 30 years of marriage, Lois and Clark find themselves in an untenable situation - reveal Superman's identity or Lois will die. The first half of the story is the crisis situation, the second half is the aftermath.

Sue S.:
**Faustian Bargain -- Lois and Clark decide to become "friends with benefits"... But there's a great little B-plot to go along with all the delicious smut!
**The Next Step -- A near-death experience sends the team into hiding, and they take their relationship to the next level. Also an interesting B-plot here.
**One Step Beyond -- An epilogue to "The Next Step"

These are all complete. A lot of these stories are located in the Lois and Clark nFanfic Archive, which requires that you go through a registration process to read anything. But it didn't take too long, and it was worth the wait.

I'm going to keep reading through these authors' stories, but does anyone have recommendations for other great L&C fic?
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