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TV Update!

Or the schedule of doom, part 2. So we're into November sweeps, and I wanted to post my results. I've dropped some, added some and become obsessed with a couple new shows. ♥

The Plan
Downton Abbey (D)
Once Upon a Time (D)
Bob's Burgers (D/L not sure)
Dexter (L)
Revenge (D)
Homeland (D)
The Walking Dead (D)

How I Met Your Mother (L)
Partners (T)
Castle (L)
Revolution (T)

New Girl (L)
Ben and Kate (T)
Go On (T)
The New Normal (T)
The Mindy Project (T)
Raising Hope (L)
Happy Endings (L)
Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23 (L)
Covert Affairs (continued from summer - D)

The Middle (L)
Animal Practice (T)
Modern Family (L)
The Neighbors (T)
Arrow (T)
Suburgatory (L)

The Big Bang Theory (L/D)
Up All Night (D)
Parks and Recreation (L)
Elementary (T)
30 Rock (L)
The Vampire Diaries (D)
Beauty and the Beast (T)

Whitney (L)
Community (L)
Grimm (L)

Doctor Who (L)
Merlin (L/D)
What Actually Happened

Downton Abbey (D - haven't seen 3.03 on yet)
Once Upon a Time (L)
Bob's Burgers (D)
Dexter (L)
Revenge (D)
Homeland (L)
The Walking Dead (D)
Misfits (I haven't started the new season, anyone care to weigh in?)

How I Met Your Mother (L)
Partners -- dropped
Castle (L, D when I'm tired)
Revolution -- dropped

Raising Hope (L)
Ben and Kate (L) ♥♥♥
New Girl (L)
Go On (D)
The New Normal (D)
The Mindy Project -- dropped, but I might retry it in the summer
Happy Endings (D)
Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23 (D)
Covert Affairs (D)

Arrow (L) ♥♥♥
The Middle (D)
The Neighbors (D)
Animal Practice -- canceled
Modern Family (D)
Suburgatory (D)
Whitney (D when it starts)

The Vampire Diaries (L - mostly because of Viggle!)
Beauty and the Beast (L)
Community (L - replace TVD when it FINALLY comes back Feb. 7)
The Big Bang Theory (D)
30 Rock (D)
Up All Night -- dropped
Parks and Recreation (L)
Elementary (L, D when I'm tired)

Grimm (L)

Doctor Who (L/D)
Merlin (D - I'm behind on this, too)

I can't believe I manage to get all of this watched per week, but somehow I do. *shrugs* What are you guys still watching?



Nov. 12th, 2012 09:51 am (UTC)
Wow, what a schedule! I wouldn't even know how to watch that many shows over the course of the week. It's hard juggling both TV and film watching, which I vainly try to do.

In terms of drama, I'm keeping up with Homeland and The Walking Dead (hopefully you ended up hearing about the major events that have occurred recently!) atm. I've heard about Dexter being good this season, but have been out of it for the past two seasons after hearing they weren't all that good--would it really be worth my time to? I'm also curious about Elementary, being a big fan of Sherlock. Would also like to catch up on Boardwalk Empire as well. I kind of dropped out of Revenge halfway through last season and didn't continue with Once Upon a Time--it's just not my cup of tea. I blame Breaking Bad for decreasing my tolerance for 'lighter' TV fare. If the show doesn't *really* compel me in some way I'll end up dropping it :P

Comedy wise I liked what I saw of DTTBIA23 and want to get into that again. I've also meant to catch up with 30 Rock, and of course, Community, when the Neeb decide to put it back on next year. I'm more keen on comedies like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Louie rather than a lot of the network stuff. I'm curious about The Mindy Project and might give that a go.

I'm a bit funny in that I prefer to binge shows rather than get them in a trickle, which suits in a way, being overseas and, at times, woefully behind the US!
Nov. 15th, 2012 09:03 pm (UTC)
I have told a couple people that Dexter is easy to jump into without seeing S5 or S6. I would do it!

I like Elementary, but it isn't *compelling* like Breaking Bad, so, eh?

I tend to watch single-cam comedies that are light on embarrassment and awkwardness humor, so I'm not sure what to recommend. Have you tried Wilfred (the US version, apparently quite different, and Elijah Wood, yum)? It's Always Sunny? If you like Curb and Louie, you might like those.
Nov. 17th, 2012 10:14 am (UTC)
Cool! I'll add it to my to-watch list. LOL, I don't imagine Elementary would be nearly as compelling as Br Ba. I'm not even sure it compares to Sherlock, which I just adore.

I've heard of Wilfred (saw the original series actually) and I'm intrigued by the US version, and also heard of It's Always Sunny--both are definitely on my to-watch list :)

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