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TV Update!

Or the schedule of doom, part 2. So we're into November sweeps, and I wanted to post my results. I've dropped some, added some and become obsessed with a couple new shows. ♥

The Plan
Downton Abbey (D)
Once Upon a Time (D)
Bob's Burgers (D/L not sure)
Dexter (L)
Revenge (D)
Homeland (D)
The Walking Dead (D)

How I Met Your Mother (L)
Partners (T)
Castle (L)
Revolution (T)

New Girl (L)
Ben and Kate (T)
Go On (T)
The New Normal (T)
The Mindy Project (T)
Raising Hope (L)
Happy Endings (L)
Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23 (L)
Covert Affairs (continued from summer - D)

The Middle (L)
Animal Practice (T)
Modern Family (L)
The Neighbors (T)
Arrow (T)
Suburgatory (L)

The Big Bang Theory (L/D)
Up All Night (D)
Parks and Recreation (L)
Elementary (T)
30 Rock (L)
The Vampire Diaries (D)
Beauty and the Beast (T)

Whitney (L)
Community (L)
Grimm (L)

Doctor Who (L)
Merlin (L/D)
What Actually Happened

Downton Abbey (D - haven't seen 3.03 on yet)
Once Upon a Time (L)
Bob's Burgers (D)
Dexter (L)
Revenge (D)
Homeland (L)
The Walking Dead (D)
Misfits (I haven't started the new season, anyone care to weigh in?)

How I Met Your Mother (L)
Partners -- dropped
Castle (L, D when I'm tired)
Revolution -- dropped

Raising Hope (L)
Ben and Kate (L) ♥♥♥
New Girl (L)
Go On (D)
The New Normal (D)
The Mindy Project -- dropped, but I might retry it in the summer
Happy Endings (D)
Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23 (D)
Covert Affairs (D)

Arrow (L) ♥♥♥
The Middle (D)
The Neighbors (D)
Animal Practice -- canceled
Modern Family (D)
Suburgatory (D)
Whitney (D when it starts)

The Vampire Diaries (L - mostly because of Viggle!)
Beauty and the Beast (L)
Community (L - replace TVD when it FINALLY comes back Feb. 7)
The Big Bang Theory (D)
30 Rock (D)
Up All Night -- dropped
Parks and Recreation (L)
Elementary (L, D when I'm tired)

Grimm (L)

Doctor Who (L/D)
Merlin (D - I'm behind on this, too)

I can't believe I manage to get all of this watched per week, but somehow I do. *shrugs* What are you guys still watching?



Nov. 11th, 2012 02:21 am (UTC)
Aw, we didn't pick up the same new shows! Well, not all of them. I'm really enjoying Nashville, and Last Resort is okay-ish but I like the concept enough to keep watching. Otherwise, I'm watching Ben & Kate (I love it!), The Mindy Project (adore it too, I'm sad you dropped it! But it is very unequal so I get it), HIMYM even if it's definitely not their best season, Don't Trust the B-- in Apt 23, P&R, Elementary, TBBT, Revenge, Parenthood, and Fringe. (Is there any specific reason that you're not watching Parenthood? It's probably my favorite show right now!) Wow, that's a lot of stuff. I'm not up to date on anything though, I just record everything and watch two episodes a night once baby is asleep. A bit unorthodox but it works! ;) TV! :D
Nov. 11th, 2012 02:32 am (UTC)
Aw, too bad! I have Last Resort in the back of my mind. Maybe I'll give it a summer marathon, or a winter or mid-spring hiatus try. I have Hulu Plus, so I should be able to watch the whole season.

Nashville scares me because I'm REALLY not a fan of country music, and dramas usually need a secret-identity component to grab me. Sell me on it and I might try it?

There is no specific Parenthood reason - I've never watched even one episode. I see that Netflix has the first three seasons on Instant, and Hulu would have S4... but again, no secret identity component makes it iffy. Give me reasons for this one, too!
Nov. 11th, 2012 02:55 am (UTC)
Haha, that is such a weirdly specific thing to like in your TV shows! But at the same time there are quite a bit of those, I guess, so if it works for you, why not! I just remembered you didn't like Friday Night Lights, so maybe Parenthood is not for you. It's very low-key, just everyday family drama/funtimes, it has lots of great, believable relationships, and I love all the characters. But no secret identities at all! Haha! And if you do try it, keep it mind that it gets better as it goes along. I've always liked it but my husband only came on board in the middle of S2.

I've only watched three Nashville episodes and it wasn't perfect but I do like it! I kind of hate country too, but I love Taylor Swift, so I guess I don't hate it that much. The music in the show is very good though, even if it's not really my style, and it's not overwhelming like, say, Glee. Connie Britton is fantastic. Honestly I couldn't really sell you on it, just, I enjoy it! ;)
Nov. 11th, 2012 03:03 am (UTC)
I know, isn't it? I can't even explain it, but it's my ONE bulletproof narrative kink. I mean, LOOK:

Once Upon a Time
Covert Affairs
The Vampire Diaries
Beauty and the Beast
Doctor Who

EVERY one of these has it. And then there's Breaking Bad and Mad Men plus probably five others on hiatus right now...

Elementary, Castle, The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey don't really, so I guess I do watch some things without it.

I do like family stories. I probably would like Parenthood if I gave it a try!
Nov. 16th, 2012 09:09 pm (UTC)
Can't sell you on "Nashville" because I think it's not that great yet.

"Parenthood" is all kinds of fun if you're in the market for a very well acted/directed ensemble show that is not about anything in specifc. It's just the story of a family... sometimes it's schmaltzy and melo-dramatic, but - for the most part - it just reminds you of the little things that families go through. If you're looking for serialized drama along the veins old fashioned prime-time family dramas then it's a show to watch. If not, then you won't like it.

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