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Dear Yuletide Author

Hey, Yuletide Author! We were matched, whee! Below, you'll find some extra info about my requests and general tastes in fic. Hopefully you'll see something that sparks an idea!



Ben and Kate (TV)

Any story about Tommy would delight me. He can interact with anyone in the main cast. I love ensemble fic but I could definitely get into Tommy/BJ, Tommy/Kate (especially after 1.04), or Ben & Tommy having adventures in the present or past.

What I love about this fandom: I love the show's fluffy adorableness, how everyone clearly loves each other, even when annoyed with each other. I also love its healthy helping of absurdity mixed in with the heartwarming.

What I love about this character: Tommy is my favorite right now because of the way he's up for anything, yet gets hilariously intense for the oddest reasons (ex: the food choices at the wedding, taking off his glasses to show how serious he is, as gif-ed above).

Open Canon Update, 12/1: Now that we've had nine episodes, Kate is now tied as my favorite character. I love her with Will, but I also love Tommy's confidence that he and Kate are endgame. This does not mean you need to write Tommy/Kate for sure, because I genuinely love Tommy with ANYONE. But I love Kate's awkwardness in stressful situations, and it makes me wonder if Kate suddenly acting awkward around Tommy might signal true feelings. At any rate, side adventures or a treat with Kate would be eagerly devoured just as much.

12/6: Oh, wow, so Tommy literally is cute with EVERYONE. I'm totally looking forward to the Lila (Brittany Snow) episodes after 1.10.


Bob's Burgers (Cartoon)
Tina Belcher

I want to see Tina being Tina in pretty much any situation you can think of. I enjoy her sibling interactions (particularly Louise) as well as ones with her parents.

What I love about this fandom: I enjoy animated shows, but I haven't watched any primetime ones for years. When I kept seeing hilarious gifsets on Tumblr for this show, I decided to marathon it this summer. It's got that great mix of wit, absurdity and heartwarming that hooks me (yes, I have a type).

What I love about this character: I adore Tina because she's the prototypical awkward teenage girl, but she has moments of greatness where she can show her true self, unafraid, like the Friend Fiction episode above (which is my favorite so far).

Open Canon Update, 12/1: No real canon changes thus far, show continues to be perfect. ♥


Arrow (TV 2012)
Oliver Queen, Laurel Lance

What I would like to see is Laurel and Oliver working together, as either Arrow and lawyer or Arrow and Canary. I know the show has not given her that identity (yet), or ever will, it's too early to tell. But if you feel comfortable writing future fic, and are familiar with the character in DC canon, go for it.

Mostly what I'd looking for is, that in the process of working together, Laurel and Oliver reconsider their failed relationship or become stronger friends than before Oliver's disappearance.

What I love about this fandom: I came to know Oliver Queen first through Smallville, and then the comics. Though this take is pretty different, I'm enjoying it way more than I expected. And since I love secret-identity dramas, it's right up my alley. I have no idea where they're planning to take the story, but there's so much potential. :)

What I love about these characters: I like Oliver's seriousness about his mission, care for his friends and family, and regret for needing to step back into the playboy role he once relished. I also like the mischievous way he slips out on his bodyguard, John Diggle, and the surprise of letting him in. With Laurel, I like her two-fold strength - in wanting to save the city in her own way, and in her martial arts skills that have come into play (hopefully setting up Canary for later). And I like that Oliver took notice. ;)

Open Canon Update, 12/1: Helena! I was excited about the introduction of the Huntress, mostly for Laurel's sake than Oliver's, since they will eventually become teammates. But I'm not made of stone, so I'm enjoying this Oliver/Helena sidetrack very, very much. If you want to use her, please do! Just avoid a triangle situation, if you can. Oliver/Helena is fine if Laurel is cool with it. And having working-together-to-save-Starling-City adventures!

12/12: I am also really enjoying Felicity Smoak. If she isn't the next person to figure Oliver out, I'll be surprised. Does anyone else get an Oracle vibe from her? They've introduced The Huntress now, after all... And John Barrowman's reveal as the Dark Archer was a fun twist I really should have seen coming.


*family situations
*sweet romance
*absurdist comedy mixed with heartfelt emotion
*heroism, doing the right thing even at personal cost
*secret identity revelations and their aftermaths

*dark themes
*heavy angst (though I do enjoy Arrow's level of angst, TV 14-style)
*explicit sex or language

*Holiday stories are fine!
*I enjoy crossovers with fandoms listed in my interests on LJ.
*With anything I request, I am familar with the entire canon.

I am pretty easy, really. I like both plotty and introspective things, dialogue or description-heavy prose - and I love to read when people write differently than I do just as much as reading things that I could have written myself. The gifts I've received in the past are at AO3, if you're curious - I will probably read and review your story within 6 hours of getting the notification. Sometimes it's within an hour if I'm not sleeping or at work. :D

If you want more information, I'm much more active on Twitter and Tumblr these days. I don't use my personal LJ for very much anymore, other than modding, fic and contact with friends from previous fandoms. You can also PM blithers and she'll help you out with specific questions.

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