Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

To My Assignee!

This is a general post for the people assigned to me in tw_holidays and [community profile] grimm_exchange, if you'd like a little more info about my tastes.

*family situations
*sweet romance
*secret identity revelations and their aftermaths
*comedy mixed with heartfelt emotion

*dark themes
*heavy angst
*explicit sex or language

I am pretty easy, really. I like both plotty and introspective things, dialogue or description-heavy prose - and I love to read when people write differently than I do just as much as reading things that I could have written myself. The gifts I've received in the past are at AO3, if you're curious - I will probably read and review your story within 6 hours of getting the notification. Sometimes it's within an hour if I'm not sleeping or at work. :D

Good luck! Feel free to use my contact people as anonymous go-betweens if you are worried about anything. Really.

Tags: fanfiction, grimm, grimm_exchange, teen wolf, tw_holidays

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