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Amazing Spider-Man thoughts

I'm so glad I got to see the movie on opening day (although I wasn't lucky enough to attend screeners like SOME OF YOU). I didn't really want to be any more biased toward it than I already had been.

In short:
I really liked it!

It is not unproblematic, but when is a superhero movie ever unproblematic, even The Avengers. So don't look to me for well-thought-out meta analysis on what they did right and wrong vis-a-vis the comics or serious issues. I'm not fannishly built that way - I'm looking forward to my friends who ARE built that way to make those posts, to which I will probably respond oh-so-thoughtfully: 'THIS.'

Before my big list of likes/dislikes, let me describe my opinion process:

Reboot? WHY. I may boycott this --> Hmm, Spectacular Spider-Man (the toon) is starting to sell me on Peter/Gwen coming first, and it IS canon --> I write two Peter/Gwen SSM fics and I can multi-ship Peter with either Gwen or MJ --> Emma Stone is in it? As GWEN, not MJ? Her Easy A character is such an MJ, but okay --> After seeing the Social Network, I can see Andrew Garfield's appeal --> COMIC-CON HAPPENS AND ANDREW GARFIELD STEALS MY HEART --> Tumblr gifsets and video clips make me fall for Emma/Andrew --> People at advance screenings being very positive --> Finding out from an f-lister about how the secret!ID plot is handled --> I have to see this opening day!

Specific likes:

1) Andrew Garfield. Charming, believable. He sold me on the brainy loner. His Peter is not really nerdy, he's based more on the Ultimate Spider-Man (comic)/Spectacular Spider-Man (toon) mold. You believe his obsessiveness and his reasons for what he does.

2) Emma Stone. Her Gwen is caring, smart (very!), realistically vulnerable. A couple of times I was unhappy about the let-me-protect-you vibe both Peter and George Stacy gave off, but her expressions/set of her shoulders getting into the squad car and from under the umbrella seemed to me as if she were saying: 'I'll do it, I understand it, but I don't like it, shame on you.' EDIT: I did find a good piece of meta about Gwen here which is good at explaining the character as presented in this film, good and bad.

3) Humor. There's a lot of it. Peter's discovering his powers scenes were really fun - the accidental subway brawl especially. I like that they spent so much time on Peter not knowing his strength and actually getting in trouble for it.

4) Identity reveal. Peter's secret is revealed first, by Peter's choice and early in the film, to Gwen. He also (correct me if I'm wrong), willingly reveals himself to George Stacy, though not immediately. Connors discovers the truth as well, though a little plot-device-y, it fit canon enough to satisfy.

5) Enough canon to make me happy. Smart Peter, smart Gwen, mechanical shooters [Extra Protection]Stacy's death on a rooftop, Connors staying alive and remorseful, Flash is a Spidey fan!

6) Lots of plot threads hanging loose: [Extra Double Protection]Ben's killer uncaught, his parents' death/secret mostly unsolved, the credits teaser with Connors in jail - I assume it was Osborn? It was dark, I need to see it again - 'Have you told him?' I loved that we saw no Osborns the whole film, just Oscorp and references to them.

7) No angsty Peter/Gwen ending! I thought at first we'd have the same 'I can't be with you' of the Raimi films, but NOANDTHANKGOD.

A few dislikes:

1) The throwing Gwen out a window and catching her with a web. To me, that was either blatant canon-flouting, handwaving (which I can admit to doing sometimes), or deliberate ignoring.

2) Ben's death - I understand why they changed it, but... I dunno. The wrestler reference to give him the idea for the mask didn't QUITE make up for it.

3) No "with great power comes great responsibility" even once? *sadface*

What were your thoughts? Link me to your reviews/meta/posts. I didn't come out of the film with any decent plot bunnies, but you may be seeing fic from me this summer...
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