Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

It's Summer TV Marathon time again...

...about a week earlier than usual. Oops?

Anyway, I love to marathon stuff I missed out on the first time around during the summer. Because of Tumblr and a couple of you here on LJ, I started Teen Wolf yesterday at 4pm, and finished at about 11:30am today. Needless to say, I liked it!

It has a very Vampire Diaries vibe about it - sleepy, woodsy town, way too pretty kids with too much autonomy, rival families with secrets, PG language and mostly leave-it-to-the-imagination gore and sex, fun soundtrack. But it also has a Spider-Man-ish secret identity plot - dweeby kid gets powers, falls for a girl, worries about staying in control and protecting his friends and family, tries to do the right thing. I mean, there's even a Flash Thompson type.

But there's an adorable, snarky sidekick secret-keeper. So my analogy falls apart there a bit.

I think there were three things I really liked the most:

1) The handling of the secret identity plot. So many shows stretch it out forever (I'm looking at you, Smallville, Merlin and Dexter) until you're like, "I DON'T CARE, JUST SOMEONE WHO MATTERS FRICKIN' FIND OUT!" By the end of S1 everyone who matters knows. The fact that Allison knows and still loves him is wonderful, and I thought, believably set up.

2) The way that the high school archetypes slowly dissolved. The Mean Girl/Rival Jock/Sidekick/Love Interest/Protective Family walls came mostly down and everyone was in it together, while still remaining themselves. (I don't know where to put Derek, honestly. Broody Older Guy?) I particularly liked Jackson - especially during the whole, "I know your secret and I'm going to tell Allison if you don't give it to me, too" couple of eps. I like that he was smart enough to put it together, not just an egotistical jock. Yes, Buffy did this first, but it was still great.

3) I'm shipping Allison/Scott the most. Sorry, guys, it's true. They're from opposite sides of the war and they're adorable. Plus she knows his secret and doesn't care. It pushes every button I have. Fic? Is there fic? The first 10 minutes of S2 video just made it ten times worse.

Anyway, all of S1 is on Netflix Streaming if you have that, and S2 starts June 3rd.

Now for the rest of the summer. I'm planning on starting Bob's Burgers next, since it's also on Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Anything else you think I should get started on? I don't talk about every show I watch on LJ, Twitter or Tumblr, so it's very possible you'll mention something I've already seen. But then we can squee together? :)

Of course, all of you need to watch Community and Breaking Bad for your summer marathons, just sayin'.
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