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DV Ch. 39 Teaser

Yeah, I know it's REALLY late... but I'm too excited to sleep. I got Ch. 39 done! It's 3250 words in total - there will be an edited version posted at to keep the T rating. So if you want to read the whole shebang, you'll have to come here! And now I can stress out about my entry for 12days_of_clois instead.

But all good update status entries must include teasers in ECQ-land...


She was overwhelmed with the powerful sensation, one that clearly brought back the memories of their first time in this bed. Both of them had come such a long way from that naïveté – but finding themselves back here, consummating their long-denied passion – it was like a circle completed. Last time, they had been alone, the only ones affected by their secret love – this time, they had a son to consider. Last time, he had decided to give up his powers, to give up the world to be with her – this time, he had decided to balance both. Last time, he had been so tentative, so unsure – this time, he…

A thought filtered through her brain, half-formed, and she stopped kissing him to take a gasping breath. She bolted upright, eyes wide.

Clark lifted his head to look at her in concern. “What’s wrong?”

“Clark…” Lois bit her lip, and looked at him askance. “What did you mean by, ‘My strength is almost gone’?”

He smiled seductively, and began to nuzzle her neck. “I meant I can’t stay away from you anymore,” he murmured between kisses. “It’s been killing me – sometimes you’re worse than kryptonite.”

The feel of his warm lips on the sensitive skin at her throat sent chills through her. Lois’ eyes fluttered closed, and she groaned softly. But the thought wouldn’t allow her to get lost in the sensations again, so she managed to pull herself out of it. “You were using the console earlier, you know, to make Jason a room, and I just wondered…”


Depending on my betas' schedules, and the possible snow day we might get, I think this will probably appear sometime Monday evening (Feb. 5th). G'night!
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