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Heyyyyy, everyone, it's time to sign up for Yuletide! (I mean, just in case you don't have the comm tracked and read every post feverishly or something.)

I requested four fandoms and I offered 22, but I kept adding until I ended up with 31 fandoms. That's a step down from last year's 39. A tiny one. :D So I love Yuletide, whaaaaat?

Now here are the requests for my lovely assigned writer when they drop by:

Neil (Community), Vicki, Garrett Lambert, Magnitude

Looking for a story from an outsider perspective. It can be completely new, or a different take on an episode (even one where these characters are not onscreen).

I'm honestly not picky which characters you choose. It doesn't have to be all of them! These are just my current favorite minor characters. I'm also not picky about the type of story - funny, shippy, serious, cracky. If you are specifically looking for an episode to base it on, my favorites are:

1.10, 1.15, 1.17, 1.21, 2.02, 2.09, 2.14, 2.16, 2.21, 3.04, 3.07 (see these tags if you don't have ep numbers memorized like I do. :D )

Breaking Bad
Badger (Breaking Bad), Skinny Pete

I think these two need a few adventures together! The show's reliable comic relief need more screen time. :) I'd especially love something with Badger's cat.

I love these two guys. They are hilarious and random and just what the show needs. I wish we'd gotten a bit more of them in season 4, but I understood why. I made a buttload of GIFs of the two of them on my Tumblr during the summer.

Nick Burckhardt, Juliette Silverton, Hank Griffin

I'd like for one of the people "not in the know" about Nick's new life as a Grimm to discover it (accidentally, figuring it out, you decide). Secret identity is one of my bulletproof story kinks. All secret identity tropes welcome!

Um, so I also find Nick's extreme Clark Kent-ishness VERY appealing. Dem eyes. Sue me. I enjoy him stumbling onto things he doesn't yet understand and I like Eddie, so use him as well if you like! I also don't need both Hank and Juliette - just one is fine.

New Girl
Jessica Day, Nick (New Girl)

Nick and Jess. Oh, come on, you know the show is going there eventually. Just give me something cute and sweet but a little salty and I'll be happy.

Okay, episodes 1.05 and 1.06 basically made me ship them (yeah, I know, just like the show wanted, what can I say? I'm easy.) I like her awkwardness and tendency to burst into song; I like his grouchy, maudlin teddy bear qualities. The other guys in the apartment are a hoot, too. Use them if you can!

Hope this helps you! If you feel like stalking me further, feel free to scan through my tags. I'm on Twitter and Tumblr, and probably a bit more active at those places, anyway.
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