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Het_BigBang - DONE!

So exciting! My Annie/Troy (with a side of Abed) Community fic for het_bigbang has been sent to my betas and my artist, pennnys. Now all I have to do is edit like mad.

You know, it's kind of interesting - I usually post all of my long!fic in chapters, as a WIP. Doing a big bang really forces you to think about any inconsistencies that pop up, and fix as many as you can before posting. How 'bout that? :D

I'm not leaving any excerpts in this post, since anything I could post would be too spoilery, and I want you guys to read it! ♥ My posting plan is to put the whole thing on AO3 after the het_bigbang website version goes live on Sept. 30, then post here and at in 10-15 chapters, probably once a week or so.
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