Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Fic: Get Dean On It, 2/? (Community)

Title: Get Dean On It, Ch. 2: Quick Chang Artist
Fandom: Community
Characters: Chang, Abed, Troy, Annie, Garrett
Rating: G
Word Count: 473 words
Summary: Operation: Dean Distraction meets with a tiny hitch.

Note: Just a short continuation for Chang week at community_tv. I'm hoping to serialize the story over the course of the summer!

Previously: Part 1


“Did I hear the word ‘Operation?’” Chang was just suddenly there. Who could tell where he had been hiding?

Everyone gasped and turned toward the sound of Chang’s voice.  Garrett, who had just walked in behind Annie, clutched at his heart. Annie put a steadying hand on his shoulder.

“You probably don’t know this, but I’ve been taking a few pre-med courses on the side this year.”

“Greendale has a pre-med program?” Annie asked, eyebrow firmly raised.

“You’d be surprised what’s in the catalog,” Abed confirmed with an unreadable look toward Troy, who nodded. “But it’s not that kind of operation.”

The four younger students glanced at each other nervously. Troy spoke up first. “We’re, uh, filming a movie.”

“I got that much, Captain A-Nerd-ica,” Chang scoffed, gesturing to Troy’s sad costume.  “I want to be part of it.”

“Uhh…” The others fumbled for words. Were they going to lie? To put him off? To—to accept him into their scheme?

“C’mon! Don’t you remember how good I was in the anti-drug play?”

“I remember how those kids ripped you apart,” Troy said.

“Because I was so real, man! The audience believed my performance.”

“He did make a convincing villain,” Abed pointed out. “We could always use another alien.”

“Yes!” Chang celebrated with a fist pump.

Abed held up a hand. “Not so fast.  Just… let me confer with my co-directors.”

“Take all the time you need.” Chang was already bouncing hopefully on his heels.

Annie was the first to speak once they were huddled together. “This sort of… throws a wrench into our plan, doesn’t it?”

“I’m not sure I want to be in anything he’s involved in, “Garrett said, throwing an anxious look over his shoulder. “He scares me.”

“We still don’t know who changed all the toppings at the ice cream bar in the cafeteria,” Troy added suspiciously. “I still get ill thinking about my hot soy sauce sundae.”

“I think this could work,” Abed decided.  “We are making a film. And adding another costume to the dean’s plate will only keep him busier, right?”

Heads started to nod around the huddle. They broke apart and Abed held out his hand toward Chang. “All right, you’re in.”

Chang shook Abed’s hand fervently.  “You won’t regret it!”

Each of them gave him a smile, with varying levels of confidence.  He didn’t seem to care at all, asking to see the script, and murmuring softly to himself.

“Annie.” Abed pulled her aside quietly.  “I’ll hold down the fort here. You proceed with Step 2.”

She pointed at him with one purple pen.  “Got it.” With quick strides, she was out of the study room and leaving the library.  Next stop?  The warehouse store. 
Tags: community, fanfiction

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