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Fic: Get Dean On It (Community, Dean Pelton)

Title: Get Dean On It
Fandom: Community
Characters: Dean Pelton, Abed, Troy, Annie, Garrett
Rating: G
Word Count: 887 words
Summary: Dean Pelton really cares about his students. And there's nothing like the personal touch.

Note: For wr1t3rbl0ck3d's prompt on the Dean Pelton Fanworks Meme: "Abed approaches the Dean for help making costumes for his most recent filming venture." I think I may have the beginnings of a multi-parter underway! *fingers crossed*

Abandoned: Couldn't work out the rest of the plot. :(


“I’m off,” Dean Craig Pelton told his secretary, dropping an agenda on her desk as he passed by. “Give me a ring if you need me.”

She nodded distractedly, and went back to flipping through cat macros on her monitor.  Craig frowned – he should have asked her pet preferences in the interview process. But she was competent; she would let him know if there were any emergencies.

Craig closed the office door behind him. He doubted anything would disturb his daily walk though campus. It was the break between the spring and summer session – only a few of the students who lived on or near campus were hanging around. However, Craig believed firmly that being a good dean meant being available. That Dean Spreck of City College probably used a bank of security cameras, or–or a network of spies to keep tabs on his campus. Craig shook his head with disdain. There was nothing like the personal touch.

Over on a bench in the quad was Annie Edison, reading The Time Machine. He wondered which summer course had assigned it. And Garrett Lambert was sitting in the cafeteria, tempting fate by mixing fish sticks and vanilla pudding.  With all his food allergies, Craig hoped someone had the health center on speed dial. 

Finally, he spotted Troy Barnes in the library study room, dressed in an odd assortment of cardboard, aluminum foil and pipe cleaners. He was marching with a slow shuffle toward Abed Nadir, camera in hand. The two of them had been working on something in there every afternoon this week. Craig stopped to watch them, just out of view, curious.

“Now look menacing,” Abed directed.

Troy growled from beneath his mask.

“No, no, look menacing.  We can’t see your face in this costume.”

Troy slumped. “Then how do I look menacing?” His voice was muffled.

“Do it with your body language.  Give me outstretched arms, move toward me with unstoppable force...”

Troy lurched forward, his arms coming up stiffly, like some sort of Frankenstein’s monster. “ARRRGH,” he growled more loudly.

“That’s it,” Abed encouraged.  “Become the stuff of nightmares.”

Such creativity! They were the kind of students he was proud to have at Greendale. Imagine what they could do with the proper resources…

Abed suddenly yelled “Cut!” and Troy stopped, pulling off his mask in frustration. “Can you use any of that?”

Abed frowned. “Maybe in post I can frame the shot differently, add the right music and effects...”

Craig stepped into the room. “Not dean with your film yet?” He grimaced a little – he’d have to work on some better puns.

Troy and Abed turned toward him. Troy shifted with embarrassment, but said nothing. Abed shrugged. “No. We’re having trouble making the monster believable.”

“Well, this is…” Craig tried to cheer them on.  “…a good effort! Are you getting a head start on your summer classes, or–?”

Abed shook his head. “It’s just for fun. Though I’ve been thinking about entering one of my films in a competition.” Abed started to fiddle with his equipment. Troy stood there patiently in his cardboard contraption.

Craig’s brain was whirling.  Competition?  He could just imagine the recognition Greendale would receive if Abed’s film won an award. And why shouldn’t it? Abed was becoming an excellent film maker - well, as far as the dean could tell.

He surveyed Troy’s sad getup one more time, then steepled his fingers together thoughtfully.  “A competition, did you say?”

Abed didn’t look up. “Yep.”

“It’s too bad we don’t have the money to make it really cool...” Troy frowned. “Since it’s all about time travel and stuff.”

“Time travel?” He couldn’t fund their project – the money won in the paintball competition had barely covered the cleanup – but with a topic like that, he simply must get involved! “Looks like your scene needs a little Dean.”

That one was much better. 

“Oh?” Abed asked.

“As you may or may not know, I dabble a bit in costuming.”

The boys nodded. Of course they knew. He tried to put Jeff’s hurtful remarks from a few weeks ago out of his mind.

“I could create the perfect monster for you – some latex, some leather, some gadgetry – whatever you want, Abed.  It will be the showpiece of your film!” Craig sized up Troy quickly – he and Troy were of a similar height.  Excellent. After the film was done, the costume could get some private use as well.

Troy and Abed communicated silently.  “And what do we do in return?” Troy asked.

“Absolutely nothing.” He placed a hand on Abed’s shoulder.  “Just win this film competition!”

Abed looked at the hand on his shoulder, but didn’t shrug it off.  “Okay.”

“Great, now that that’s settled, I’d better start planning.” Craig gave Abed’s shoulder an encouraging squeeze and then he headed for the door. “Email me your character design!” His mind was already swimming with ideas as he nearly jogged back to his office.  He would bet City College didn’t have anything like this in the works!

Behind him, in the study room, Troy and Abed performed their celebratory handshake, as Annie and Garrett gave them a thumbs’ up from where they had been secretly watching. Annie came into the study room, notebook in hand, and checked off an item with a flourish.  “Operation: Dean Distraction underway.”


Next: Part 2
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