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Spring/Summer TV list

I'm feeling the need to do this again, especially since my TV schedule is so full this April.

Spring/Summer 2011 TV:

*New/New to Me
%Ended Season or Series

*The Killing - L - I find it interesting, but slow-paced. The fact that it's a short season helps.
*Game of Thrones - D - too early to tell whether I'll keep it, but the premiere has me ready to see ep 2.
%Being Human UK - L/D - WOW. That was a wild ride.

How I Met Your Mother - D - I'm liking this season better! The reemergence of BroTP may be part of it. :)
Chuck - L - S4 is suffering, but I still watch it every Monday without fail. I usually highly love the last 4 eps of a season, so I'm hopeful.
*%Being Human US - L - I never mentioned here I was watching it. I really started to click with the new cast, and I found the changes between US/UK to be pretty interesting. I'll watch S2.
%Greek - D - Aw, I'll miss you show.
%The Cape - L - It was really starting to get good - I'm with the Community characters in my sadness over its passing.
Castle - L/D - This show is predictably delightful, but I don't have to watch it right away. If I'm too sleepy, I watch on Hulu later.

*Raising Hope - L - caught up with this one over Christmas. ADORABLE. Watch this, guys!
%No Ordinary Family - L - another one I'll miss! I doubt it's going to be renewed.

Modern Family - L/D - Still funny. Not fannish about it.
Cougar Town - L - GREAT show. Some day I'll fic for it. :)
*Happy Endings - D - I watched the first four eps, it's cute, and I already really like the cast. ♥

Community - L - what else? I ADORE IT STILL SO MUCH. I wish everyone did. But alas, people are so divided over S2.
Big Bang Theory - D - I'm enjoying the second half of S4 more than all of S3 but way less than S2.
The Vampire Diaries - D - I usually watch this within a week of airing, but I'm not fannish about it.
*Parks and Recreation - L/D - This show is so wonderfully optimistic. That is the only way to describe it. And Ben/Leslie is adorable.
30 Rock - D - Still quality.

Smallville - L - I'm going to miss this show so much! There have been some pretty epic moments in S10.

Doctor Who - L - EEEEEE, I finally get to see a season while it's airing!


Premiering during summer
*Covert Affairs - D/L - I may or may not stay with this.
*True Blood - L - I'm dithering about whether to stay with it.
*Leverage - D - Still fun.
July: Breaking Bad - L - The amount I am jonesing for this show is unbearable right now.

I continue to be crazy.
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