Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Dear Remixer

This is my first Remix Redux - hopefully you found a fic of mine that strikes your fancy. :)

I've never remixed anything before (though I am working on a remix for a small challenge right now), and I've read just a few remixes in preparation. I have absolutely no expectations! Choose something new, something old. Choose something we matched on, or not. Basically, you are awesome just for remixing one of my fics. ♥

If you are specifically looking for what I might like, I'll say the same thing I say in every challenge. I love humor. Make me laugh, make me smile. But honestly, a good angst or romance fic is well-appreciated, too.

I tend to write limited POV stories, so retelling from another POV or an outsider's POV would be great!

I sort of feel like I'm rambling now... so I'll stop. I'm completely open to anonymous comments via the mods if there's something you need to ask me.
Tags: remix redux

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