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Oh, my, I don't know how true this really is...

Looked over the shoulder of ohginnyfan:

You have a 0% chance of going postal!

Congrats! You're not going to shoot up a strip mall anytime soon. You're so well-adjusted, it's creepy.

How Likely Are You to Go Postal?
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I still have a ways to go with Chapter 38. But I have high hopes that I'll get it finished by tonight. *crosses fingers* So here's a teaser...


Lois stood before Clark in shock, a million emotions and thoughts tumbling through her mind. Clark, his blue eyes bright and hopeful, waited with quiet expectation. His palm was still held out toward her, gold band glittering in the light from the console. To the side, Jason was standing quietly, wide-eyed. Jor-El and Lara’s images were still as well – paused, possibly… but it felt as if the entire chamber waited with held breath. Through the turmoil of feelings, a tiny voice whispered to her, almost too quiet to hear, Say Yes! She tried to open her mouth… she needed to say something… anything…


A small smile turned up the corner of Clark’s mouth, and he repeated, “Will you marry me, Lois?”

Lois blushed with embarrassment. “Oh, yes, I know… I didn’t exp—I’m just… It’s so…” A little louder, the voice called to her again, Say Yes! She swallowed and looked around at everyone. “I’m just surprised, that’s all.”

A slight flush stained Clark’s cheeks as well. “I surprised myself, actually. My mother – I mean, my adoptive mother – knew I was thinking about it… I hope she doesn’t throttle me for asking you before she’s gotten the chance to meet you… but with the Fortress restored, I knew I had to.”

She was amazed again at how easily he could surprise her. Say Yes! “It’s… wow. I mean, Richard and I just…” Lois’ eyes drifted toward Jason again. If I feel shell-shocked right now, I can only imagine how he’s feeling… “It’s only been a few days. People at work – what will they think? I mean, Perry knows, but just imagine the watercooler conversation! And we just told Jason about it… and…” She realized she was babbling and stopped suddenly. With a serious look, Lois added, very slowly, “With all the talk about me and Superman… it would be awfully odd-seeming, don’t you think?”

Clark’s face fell. His fingers gently closed around the shining ring, and he began to retract his hand. Lois reached out to catch his wrist. Say Yes! “I didn’t say no…”


Pray that I stay focused this afternoon and evening!

ETA: Oo! Lookie! New Heroes dish!
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