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Dear Yuletide Author 2010

Hello! I'm so excited you got me for yuletide! This is my fourth year, and I adore this event. I even joined the tagwranglers early in 2010 in order to help out with it! ♥

Anyway, what you really want to see are my "additional details," right?

My requests:
REQUEST 1: Community - any - a superhero movie parody with the whole gang.
****Since I had to request specific characters, I went with my current favorites for this type of story. So Troy, Britta, Abed and the Dean don't have to be the only ones!
**I am in the trope-skewering/parody-loving camp of this fandom. I'd love for you to take any superhero movie you like and do it Community-style.
**I'm good with gen or shippy fic. If you go shippy, I tend to prefer Troy or Abed with each other or with any of the girls.
**Play it as straight or tongue-in-cheek as you like!

REQUEST 2: Breaking Bad - Skyler White, Walter White - an episode tag for 3.12, full of UST or RST. **SPOILERS**
**After I watched that episode, my mind went crazy with wondering what Skyler might do if she knew her estranged husband had just murdered someone. And considering that in the past, Walter was highly aroused by various criminal acts... I just want to see how that might play out.
**I love Heisenberg and the black hat.

REQUEST 3: Spider-Girl - May Parker (Spider-Girl), Wes Westin - boyfriend in distress! **SPOILERS**
**I'd love Wes to need some more saving, now that he and May are together, and he's aware of her secret identity.
**Bonus points if you get Jack Jameson/The Buzz and/or the family involved in the story.

REQUEST 4: No Ordinary Family - Stephanie Powell, Jim Powell, Daphne Powell, JJ Powell - the whole family saves the day.
**Maybe Jim and George are trying to stop a crime and somehow they need everyone else's help?
**Or maybe the family gets into a dangerous situation (with other people involved), and they must use their powers to get out, all working together?
**Whatever works! Just something with a family-team situation.

I'm not sure why I just needed a superhero-adventure story for 3/4 of these, but hopefully you'll be able to find an angle that inspires you.

General Likes and Dislikes:
**I prefer plot over character studies - but I realize the BB one lends itself better to a character study. I have loved both types when received in the past, though, so don't worry if your strength lies that way.
**Don't go by my writing style (if you look at my fic) - use yours! I sometimes find myself trying to match someone else's style when writing for them, and it rarely works. I love all styles: present-tense stream-of-consciousness rambling, terse action-oriented prose, beautifully detailed flashbacks... whatever.
**I love to laugh! Even in the worst situations, I love for the angst to be broken up by a little dark humor.

Honestly, I'm pretty easy to please. I will get up way too early to read my story immediately and proceed to leave you copious feedback. How does that sound? :)
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