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Post to your journal with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. Those who get tagged need to blog your own journal with those 10 weird things/habits/little known facts. Then choose 6 people to be tagged and list their LJ names. No tag backs...

1. I get up 45 minutes earlier than I actually have to, just so I can check email and LJ. (This is why your chapter was finished at 6:19am, kalalanekent!)
2. I really hate to play most games. The only ones I can tolerate are group games, and it's for the social aspect only. I am so competitive that it's not fun to win or lose. :( My daughter, however, loves games.
3. The last time I did any creative writing before jumping into fanfiction a year and half ago was as a freshman in high school.
4. I was engaged to someone else when my husband and I met. But we didn't date until a few months after I broke up with the other guy.
5. I almost went to school for computers instead of music.
6. For some reason, I can't start replying to reviews on a chapter until I have written a good chunk of the next one (except at LJ, that is). :)
7. I have terrible skin. Was on every acne drug imaginable until I finally went on Accutane at 21. Then I got an inexpensive chemical peel in Egypt to try to deal with the scarring... but I still break out all the time. :P
8. I speed read - I have no idea how fast I am now. I wonder if I should test myself again?
9. The only other obsession I have had that is as strong as this fanfiction one, is Warner Brothers cartoons.
10. I would get home from work earlier, except I play around on the internet too much after school (bad bad me).

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And dreamers_dh... I don't think I HAVE 10 sexy men to put down, but I will try...

I guess I'm supposed to choose 10 sexy men and tell why I like them. I used icons b/c I'm too lazy to find big pics. And I stopped at 7 because I just can't think of any more right now... :P

-- Daniel Dae Kim - don't watch Lost anymore but I still like to stare.
-- James Franco. Oh, that hair...
-- Brandon Routh. Of course, right?
-- Justin Hartley. I already miss you on Crackville! *sob*
-- Tobey Maguire. Oh, those eyes!
-- Masi Oka. Yeah, I think he's sexy. He's adorkable!
-- Greg Grunberg. He was my fave character on Alias; and now he's my #2 on Heroes. You can read my mind anytime, hon.

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