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Yuletide Noms!

I immediately posted and squeed about this already on Twitter last Wednesday, but I realized I hadn't done it here!

Yuletide fandom nominations are open until Wednesday, Oct. 20th!

I nominated:

**Scott Pilgrim
**No Ordinary Family
**Looney Tunes
--I can't remember #6! :D

I hope with the new algorithm, they'll all make it in. I'm most worried about Spider-Girl, which has like, 10 fics, two by me, since they disallowed the whole Spider-Man universe last year. It does fit the "small on AO3" label. But somewhere I read (can't find it!) as an example, that nominating Birds of Prey was kosher, though it's generally in the Batman universe (which isn't), as long as you don't do it to write a Batman story.

Anyway! What did you/are you going to nominate? And will you offer any of mine?



Oct. 17th, 2010 12:27 pm (UTC)
It's a MASSIVE fic exchange event that happens every year. Seriously, 2000+ participants last year. Anyway, you request 3-4 stories in at least 3 different small/obscure fandoms, and you offer to be matched with at least 3 different ones (though you can offer as many as you want). They match everyone up and give about 6 weeks to write at least a 1000 word story.

The last few days, they have pinch hitters write stories for the defaulters, and open up all the requests to everyone to see to write drabbles as "stocking stuffers."

Then on Christmas Day, the stories go live, but the authors' names are hidden. Everyone reads and reviews as many as possible for a week, then the authors are revealed on New Years' Day.

It's MASSIVELY fun. You should try it if you have at least 3 fandoms in the list when signups start in early November.

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