Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Yuletide Noms!

I immediately posted and squeed about this already on Twitter last Wednesday, but I realized I hadn't done it here!

Yuletide fandom nominations are open until Wednesday, Oct. 20th!

I nominated:

**Scott Pilgrim
**No Ordinary Family
**Looney Tunes
--I can't remember #6! :D

I hope with the new algorithm, they'll all make it in. I'm most worried about Spider-Girl, which has like, 10 fics, two by me, since they disallowed the whole Spider-Man universe last year. It does fit the "small on AO3" label. But somewhere I read (can't find it!) as an example, that nominating Birds of Prey was kosher, though it's generally in the Batman universe (which isn't), as long as you don't do it to write a Batman story.

Anyway! What did you/are you going to nominate? And will you offer any of mine?
Tags: yuletide

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