Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Fic: StarTricked (Big Bang Theory, Penny/Wil Wheaton)

Title: StarTricked
Author: htbthomas
Artist: misspopuri
Pairing(s): Penny/Evil!Wil, friendship pairings with Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, Stuart
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Set after Season 3
Word Count: 15,176 words
Summary: When Penny meets Wil again, she’s completely charmed. Can she prove to Sheldon that Wil is not as evil as Sheldon claims? Or is Sheldon right?

Author's Notes: For bigbangbigbang 2010. If you're looking for finely-crafted prose and deep character exploration... you aren't going to find it here. ;) This is a totally fluffy, silly lark, 15K-worth. Thanks so much to my betas, allthingsholy and you_speak_lies who helped me tighten this up. And I would never have finished without my writing buddies (northern_star, dragonbat2006, athenesolon, ishie) pushing me along.

The story is hosted on AO3, but feel free to comment here on LJ if you prefer.

StarTricked fanmix by misspopuri Zip File | Single Files

Link to Fic: "It was, she realized with a start, the guy from the bowling alley! The guy who’d told her about his ex-girlfriend, which helped her realize that she couldn’t lead Leonard on any longer. Wil Wheaton: the guy Sheldon hated more than Barry Kripke, more than Leslie Winkle. Granted, Sheldon flat out disregarded most of the people he met, even outright disliked them. But Sheldon hated Wil more than anybody in the whole world."
Tags: big bang theory, bigbangbigbang, fanfiction

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