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Summer TV Catchup Report #3

BTW, THANK YOU for all the congratulations and love on the last post! We are really happy and excited about next school year, and I can't wait for our trip to Florida in about a week.

Now to the marathon report. I can't believe that I'm getting so many done! I think it helps that I'm mostly doing British shows (which have shorter seasons) and shows with only 1-2 seasons.

So here's what I watched since the last report. 1-2-3...

by sauron

The IT Crowd
**As you might be able to tell, this was my favorite find of this set. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT, especially if you're a fan of Big Bang Theory, Community or wacky British shows. Why?

  • It celebrates geek culture, and predates The Big Bang Theory by a year. I wonder how much of BBT came from The IT Crowd, actually. For example, one of the characters wears geek T-shirts exclusively.
  • It's a three-person ensemble, like many of Graham Lineham's shows, but there are many memorable minor characters. All three are hilarious, but Moss is my favorite.
  • Like Community, the first half is one-liner-y buildup to a massively funny second half conclusion.
  • If you get the DVDs (I did from Netflix), the menus are amazingly funny videogame playthroughs.
  • There are only 6 episodes per season - it's finishing Season 4 this Friday.

**A ton of you are already watching this, and I finally got around to it. Here's what I love!

  • Nathan Fillion is amazingly charming.
  • Castle/Beckett have adorable banter. I went from enjoying their friendship to wanting more. But I'd be happy with status quo for one more season before I'll need CLOSURE.
  • Castle is adorable as cool dad becomes concerned dad, and his relationship with his daughter is amazing. I want that when A. is her age... *sigh*
  • The cases are often easy to solve, but I actually like that. I called it "ego-stroking" on Twitter.
  • Castle is such a geek, too! Lots of comics, geek culture references

Cougar Town

  • Once you get past the first 3-4 episodes, it turns into basically a different show.
  • The ensemble players are all fun in their own right. Jules is my favorite.
  • I didn't realize until I started watching that it was a Bill Lawrence (Scrubs) show. But it shares a lot of that show's feeling.
  • It is very much a TV14, 9:30pm show. I wish they'd lay off the constant sex talk, but it can be pretty funny, too. I prefer the friendshippy situations.
  • I do like season 1's OTP, though. They're adorable together.

All three of these I will keep up with in their next season. ♥

Current Summer TV:
Leverage: still enjoying it SO much. Can't wait for the Wil Wheaton ep!
Burn Notice: I'm starting to lose interest, which saddens me.
True Blood: This one, too. Some things are really interesting, others boring as heck.
Psych: YAY, it's back!
Mad Men: Interesting premiere. Betty is more and more unlikable. Peggy the opposite. Don... is he finally opening up? And will there be a price?
Covert Affairs: Light and fun! Auggie/Annie, FTW.
Sherlock: Oo, I liked it! Really liked the actors, characterization and visual style. Too bad it's only 3 parts.
Rubicon: Going to try it

United States of Tara
Iron Man: Armored Adventures
Party Down
No Heroics
The Mighty Boosh
Life on Mars (UK)

There are only 21 days left until the first day of school (WAH!) so I can probably do 2-3 more series at the most. What do you suggest I try to fit in?
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