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State of the Summer: June

*looks at last posting date* Oh, my, nothing here in two weeks?

Well, okay, there are reasons for this, in order:

1) My bigbangbigbang rough draft is nearly done! I have one more scene to write, and it's clocking in at almost exactly 15,000 words. Yay! It's evil!Wil/Penny + the gang and not the best thing I've ever done, but maybe with the help of my betas, I can shape it up by final posting time in August.

2) Summer School at community_tv. This has been rolling along since the last week of May. It's been fun, but time-consuming! I hope I can actually write more fic for it once the BBBB is in the can.

3) The summer TV marathon! This is the REAL reason I am so absent. I've been power-watching TV for all of June, and I figure I should give you the breakdown of how it's going.

Mad Men - liked, will watch in July when S4 starts
Breaking Bad - ADORED - will write fic for PB X, and wait in agony for next March
Better Off Ted - liked it a lot! Wish it wasn't cancelled.
Vampire Diaries - liked, will probably catch up in chunks as long as it's up against Community

New Doctor Who - I just started Series 4 (Ten and Donna) and wow, this show is addicting! I've been watching 3-9 episodes a day since the middle of last week. Right now, these are my thoughts on S1-S3:
  • S3=S1>S2 - I honestly did not expect to be wowed by S3, because I don't remember much talk about it on my f-list, not like S 1,2,4 and 5.
  • Nine>Ten - but I still like Ten. I think it really is true that your first Doctor is your favorite. We'll see with Eleven.
  • Martha>Rose - I did like Rose, but Martha just seemed more awesome. I do already expect Donna to be my favorite Companion just based on two episodes.
  • The Master>>>>Daleks>Cybermen - I can't remember any other recurring villains, but there probably were.
  • Captain Jack: thumbs up
  • Moffat episodes are THE BEST. I've liked the Davies finales a lot so far, too, as well as standalones here and there. But I've haven't HATED any episode, not one.
  • Also, it took me until the end of S3 to realize that the Companions had their own theme music! *feels like a BAD musicologist* Maybe it's just that Martha's theme was so haunting that it stood out for me.

Spaced - It's super cute! Love Simon Pegg. Up to 2.02. I would have started watching sooner if I'd been told it has:
  • Geek humor / Pegg's character works in a comic shop
  • Absurdist humor / fun with tropes

Friday Night Lights - I watched five episodes and could NOT go on. I do not denigrate anyone who loves it, it's just not for me. Here are my reasons:
  • It's about football. I do NOT follow sports in the slightest.
  • It reminds me of West Texas (where I went to college) in not a good way
  • It reminds me of the politics of teaching (coaches and music directors have a lot of similar issues) WAY too much
  • It's drama with a capital D. I don't think I laughed once. And I've discovered that I cannot watch a full-on drama with no humor. Even Breaking Bad, as violent and serious as it can be is filled with black humor. Comedy>Drama - always. I mean, just look at my fandoms!

Black Books
Drop Dead Diva
Cougar Town
United States of Tara
Iron Man: Armored Adventures
Party Down
The IT Crowd
No Heroics

I'd love your thoughts on my thoughts! :D

As for summer TV I'm watching as it airs (or soon after): True Blood, Leverage, Burn Notice, Psych, The Good Guys (which is SO funny!)

ETA: I'm also thinking about trying Covert Affairs, Rubicon and Louie this summer.


Jun. 30th, 2010 10:49 am (UTC)
If you've been through Martha you've seen one of the creepiest episodes in the series - some people don't mind them at all but I find the Stone Angels to be one of the actual keep-looking-behind-you scariest villains in new who. You're not up to the library episode, which is the other stand-out from Who as a 'scary' episode for me but I won't say anything yet since you're not there...

Donna is by far my favorite companion (though one of the companions in the fifth season comes close). Rose was okay and Martha had her moments, but Donna was the bff the Doctor needed and is also made of pure awesome.

Nine vs. Ten
I find it hard to decide which I like better. I feel like Nine didn't get enough time at it, if that makes sense. I actually left the show at the end of series one and one of the reasons was that Nine was gone. I came back to it about... two years ago I guess and caught up because somebody sold me on Donna, lol. Once I came back to the show I found that I did really like Tennant when I actually like... gave him a chance. Which I didn't before and felt bad about. But i meant I watched seasons 2 and 3 all at once, and 4 mostly as it aired, and doctor who binges are the best kind.

Oh wow that's long. Okay. /rant
Jun. 30th, 2010 02:03 pm (UTC)
I heard so much about the Weeping Angels that I was honestly expecting them to be scarier! If I hadn't been spoiled, I might have been more creeped out. :D Still LOVED the episode, though. I'm watching the Library episode next! (already that far)

The Doctor definitely needs a BFF. I love all the "oh, we're not married/together" silliness.

If binges are the best kind of Who watching, I'm doing it so right! What will I think of S6, I wonder...

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