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State of the Summer: June

*looks at last posting date* Oh, my, nothing here in two weeks?

Well, okay, there are reasons for this, in order:

1) My bigbangbigbang rough draft is nearly done! I have one more scene to write, and it's clocking in at almost exactly 15,000 words. Yay! It's evil!Wil/Penny + the gang and not the best thing I've ever done, but maybe with the help of my betas, I can shape it up by final posting time in August.

2) Summer School at community_tv. This has been rolling along since the last week of May. It's been fun, but time-consuming! I hope I can actually write more fic for it once the BBBB is in the can.

3) The summer TV marathon! This is the REAL reason I am so absent. I've been power-watching TV for all of June, and I figure I should give you the breakdown of how it's going.

Mad Men - liked, will watch in July when S4 starts
Breaking Bad - ADORED - will write fic for PB X, and wait in agony for next March
Better Off Ted - liked it a lot! Wish it wasn't cancelled.
Vampire Diaries - liked, will probably catch up in chunks as long as it's up against Community

New Doctor Who - I just started Series 4 (Ten and Donna) and wow, this show is addicting! I've been watching 3-9 episodes a day since the middle of last week. Right now, these are my thoughts on S1-S3:
  • S3=S1>S2 - I honestly did not expect to be wowed by S3, because I don't remember much talk about it on my f-list, not like S 1,2,4 and 5.
  • Nine>Ten - but I still like Ten. I think it really is true that your first Doctor is your favorite. We'll see with Eleven.
  • Martha>Rose - I did like Rose, but Martha just seemed more awesome. I do already expect Donna to be my favorite Companion just based on two episodes.
  • The Master>>>>Daleks>Cybermen - I can't remember any other recurring villains, but there probably were.
  • Captain Jack: thumbs up
  • Moffat episodes are THE BEST. I've liked the Davies finales a lot so far, too, as well as standalones here and there. But I've haven't HATED any episode, not one.
  • Also, it took me until the end of S3 to realize that the Companions had their own theme music! *feels like a BAD musicologist* Maybe it's just that Martha's theme was so haunting that it stood out for me.

Spaced - It's super cute! Love Simon Pegg. Up to 2.02. I would have started watching sooner if I'd been told it has:
  • Geek humor / Pegg's character works in a comic shop
  • Absurdist humor / fun with tropes

Friday Night Lights - I watched five episodes and could NOT go on. I do not denigrate anyone who loves it, it's just not for me. Here are my reasons:
  • It's about football. I do NOT follow sports in the slightest.
  • It reminds me of West Texas (where I went to college) in not a good way
  • It reminds me of the politics of teaching (coaches and music directors have a lot of similar issues) WAY too much
  • It's drama with a capital D. I don't think I laughed once. And I've discovered that I cannot watch a full-on drama with no humor. Even Breaking Bad, as violent and serious as it can be is filled with black humor. Comedy>Drama - always. I mean, just look at my fandoms!

Black Books
Drop Dead Diva
Cougar Town
United States of Tara
Iron Man: Armored Adventures
Party Down
The IT Crowd
No Heroics

I'd love your thoughts on my thoughts! :D

As for summer TV I'm watching as it airs (or soon after): True Blood, Leverage, Burn Notice, Psych, The Good Guys (which is SO funny!)

ETA: I'm also thinking about trying Covert Affairs, Rubicon and Louie this summer.
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