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Okay, so this is getting bad. (No pun intended) I finished all 31 existing episodes of Breaking Bad in five days -- just in time to watch 3.12 live. And the ending made me shout in shock and anguish so loudly that T. told me to quiet down, lol. I went looking for fanfiction, and there are like, 4 stories in all of the internet. *sad face* (When is the next PB starting up?)

It seems none of you watch this show except fujiidom, and that is a damn shame, people. I need someone to discuss and squee and moan about this show with! D:

But maybe I'm wrong. Please answer this poll!

Poll #1575357 Breaking Bad

Do you watch Breaking Bad?

I've been thinking about it.
I might if you sell me on it.

Did you like The Sopranos? Do you like Dexter? This show may be for you. Read on if you answered "thinking" or "sell me on it."

So, here's my attempt at salesmanship:

This AMC show is the story of one man's slow sink into madness and criminality. How nothing he does is without grave consequences to himself and everyone around him -- even people who he doesn't personally know. But he feels he has no choice -- he can't get out of it, even when he wants to -- yet by the current season, this is only an excuse.

Step back -- Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher, a man who once had big dreams, and just missed his chance at big time success. He has a loving family, a wife, a teenage son with cerebral palsy, and an unexpected baby on the way, at the age of 50.

He passes out one day at his part-time job, and discovers he has inoperable lung cancer. He walks around in a daze for several days, not telling anyone. His brother-in-law is a loud-mouthed DEA agent, and he brags about a meth bust -- about the haul of cash and equipment they found. Walter is immediately interested.

Walter has a dilemma. He will die within months. His family can barely pay their bills with his two jobs. What if he could use his chemistry skills to make some easy money quickly? Then he can die knowing he provided for his family.

He goes on a ride-along with his brother-in-law and sees a former student of his escape custody. He finds the kid at his home and makes him a proposition. Help me, or I'll turn you in.

Of course, it doesn't go smoothly, either learning the trade, or his partnership with Jesse (the former student). Walt's brother-in-law Hank's work leads Hank to start investigating the new player in town. Walt's wife becomes worried and suspicious about his long absences. His double life is starting to affect his sanity.

In Dexter and The Sopranos, the audience is introduced to these men after they have already become successful criminals. We see their struggles with the morality of what they do and their reasons for staying in their respective businesses, while dealing with colleagues, family and friends.

In Breaking Bad, we meet the man before he becomes a criminal, and we watch his every misstep and success. We watch him go from mild family man Walter White to "Heisenberg," who wears a black hat (literally and figuratively).

It is a trainwreck in motion and though we know it will end badly, we can't tear our eyes away.

Finally, Bryan Cranston is amazing as Walt, and the other cast members are just as good. The cinematography is almost film-quality, the characterization and continuity spot-on, the writing gripping and sharp.


ETA: A couple of videos, one review, one fanmade season 1 trailer:

Whew. I think that might be the most poetic I've waxed about a show in ages. Now I just have to make it to the finale next Sunday (which I hear is extra long)...
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