Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

The summer hiatus marathons have begun!

My plans for TV catchup this summer:

Mad Men - throughout the spring, I've been slowly working on this. I'm up to 3.06, the infamous riding lawn mower episode. Been watching these through Netflix, so I'm waiting on the next disc to arrive. I'm still not sure whether I think it's "the greatest show ever" - I think I'm too much of an adrenaline junkie for that. But I do appreciate the attention to detail and highly cerebral way the characters and plots are handled. It's just so... slow? Like a fine wine that has to be savored. I think it'll be good to watch season 4 live, and let each episode turn over in my brain for a week. DONE

Breaking Bad - I just started this on Wednesday... and I'm up to 2.10. OH. MY. GOD. This is addicting! I finally gave it a chance based on Alan Sepinwall and Myles A. McNutt's glowing reviews (two TV reviewers I follow on Twitter). Honestly, if I had known it had an element of secret identity, I'd have been watching from the premiere! That is my one bullet-proof kink, man. Who else watches this, f-list? DONE

Black Books - I got the DVD box set at Christmas, and we've watched just the first two eps. It's cute - and I loved Father Ted (one of the creators is the same). But it's not something I'd marathon. Eventually we'll watch them all.

Other stuff I'm pondering:
**Better Off Ted DONE
**New Doctor Who STARTED
**Drop Dead Diva (forgot to list this before!)

**Vampire Diaries DONE
**Cougar Town
**Spaced STARTED
**United States of Tara
**Iron Man: Armored Adventures
**Party Down
**Friday Night Lights ABANDONED, sorry.

Any other recs? (And why specifically do you like those?)
Tags: tv

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