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I'm Back!

Hey there, all you gals and guys in LJ land! I have my internet back! So sorry that I missed commenting on everyone's entries, although I read most of it.

So, guess what? I finished the next chapter (Déjà Vu, Chapter 37)! mark_clark has already sent it back, but it's too soon to hear from jenna_knight or betty brant.


Lois stayed silent, wanting to give Clark as much time to bond as possible. It was amazing to see them together, all barriers down, all secrets laid bare. It was almost as if a glow was surrounding the two of them in her eyes, like a soft focus filter on an old Technicolor movie…

Wait a second.

That’s not just my imagination…
There was a dim glow, growing stronger by gradations, at the base of the console. The same glow she had imagined seeing the last time she was here.

Lois stepped closer, putting her hand on the side of the device. Suddenly, the light from within increased in intensity, and Clark grimaced, placing a hand to his temples.


I think you'll see this tomorrow afternoon. Earlier if we're lucky!
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