Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Aw, I'm really touched...


I loved reading that get to know you meme... and you were so nice! I'm storing all those nice things in my heart for a long time. *hugs you all*

Well, unfortunately, getting grades finished kicked my butt again. On the upside, they're done now! So I hope to be able to write a bunch more on DV Ch. 37. I have only 788 words so far, but there's still some goodness I can share.


“I’ve never really spent very much time here… except right after it was created. This is where I learned all about my heritage.” He walked them over to the console. “There was a vast store of knowledge contained on the crystals here…” His face turned grave once again, and he traced the edges of one of the empty holes, lost in thought.

Jason looked absolutely awestruck with the contraption, even as dead as it was. He slowly reached a hand toward it, and then flinched back. “Is it okay for me to touch it?”

Clark simply nodded.

As Jason gently touched the sides, standing on tiptoe to peer into the empty holes, Clark continued. “I wish that you could have seen my Kryptonian father’s image. He was quite impressive. A little bit stern and frightening, actually. But he had so much to teach me.” Clark began to settle a hand on Jason’s shoulder, possibly unsure of whether his touch would be welcomed, but went ahead. Jason’s attention was completely on the alien technology, and he didn’t react at all. “I hope I can be as helpful as he was in explaining all about Krypton.”

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